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Last updated about 1 month ago

How to Remember What You Read

about 1 month ago

It happens all the time. You read an amazing book, one so...

Why Math Class Is Boring—and What to Do About It

2 months ago

There are two types of people in the world: those who enjoyed...

How Description Leads to Understanding

2 months ago

Describing something with accuracy forces you to learn more about it. In...

Mirror Your Audience: Four Life Lessons From Performance Artist Marina Abromivic

2 months ago

Imagine it is a Saturday. You are in New York and decide...

The Method of Loci: Build Your Memory Palace

3 months ago

“When information goes ‘in one ear and out the other,’ it’s often...

The Precautionary Principle: Better Safe than Sorry?

3 months ago

Also known as the Precautionary Approach or Precautionary Action, the Precautionary Principle...

Seizing The Middle: Chess Strategy in Business

3 months ago

Chess can serve as an apt metaphor for other areas of our...

The Availability Bias: How to Overcome a Common Cognitive Distortion

3 months ago

“The attention which we lend to an experience is proportional to its...

How to Write Creative Fiction: Umberto Eco’s Four Rules

4 months ago

Umberto Eco (1932–2016) was one of the bestselling authors of all time...

Better Thinking & Incentives: Lessons From Shakespeare

4 months ago

At Farnam Street, we aim to master the best of what other...

Advice for Young Scientists—and Curious People in General

4 months ago

The Nobel Prize-winning biologist Peter Medawar (1915–1987) is best known for work...

The Pygmalion Effect: Proving Them Right

4 months ago

If you expect a dazzling feat, you might just get one Many...