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Last updated 1 day ago

The Pygmalion Effect: Proving Them Right

1 day ago

If you expect a dazzling feat, you might just get one Many...

Efficiency is the Enemy

8 days ago

There’s a good chance most of the problems in your life and...

The Ultimate Deliberate Practice Guide: How to Be the Best

about 1 month ago

Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your Performance at Anything—For Beginners...

What Information Do You Need in Order to Change?

about 1 month ago

“Feedback is an effective tool for promoting efficient behavior: it enhances individuals’...

John Stuart Mill’s Philosophy of Equality

about 2 months ago

Sometimes in the debates about how to improve equality in our society...

The OODA Loop: How Fighter Pilots Make Fast and Accurate Decisions

about 2 months ago

The OODA Loop is a four-step process for making effective decisions in...

How to Avoid Making Bad Decisions

2 months ago

Sometimes success is just about avoiding failure At FS, we help people...

Your Thinking Rate Is Fixed

2 months ago

You can’t force yourself to think faster. If you try, you’re likely...

The Feynman Learning Technique

3 months ago

If you’re after a way to supercharge your learning and become smarter...

Solve Problems Before They Happen by Developing an “Inner Sense of Captaincy”

3 months ago

Too often we reward people who solve problems while ignoring those who...

12 Life Lessons From Mathematician and Philosopher Gian-Carlo Rota

3 months ago

The mathematician and philosopher Gian-Carlo Rota spent much of his career at...

The Best-Case Outcomes Are Statistical Outliers

3 months ago

There’s nothing wrong with hoping for the best. But the best-case scenario...