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Last updated 7 days ago

Value Investing III: Requiem, Rebirth or Reinvention?

7 days ago

If you have had the endurance to make your way through my...

Value Investing II: Tough times for Value Investing - Passing Phase or a Changed World?

7 days ago

In the last post, I noted the strong backing for value investing...

Value Investing I: The Back Story

7 days ago

One of the classes that I teach is on investment philosophies, where...

Sounding good or Doing good? A Skeptical Look at ESG

about 1 month ago

In my time in corporate finance and valuation, I have seen many...

Illusion, Perception and Reality: Stock Splits and Index Inclusions

about 2 months ago

After big market movements, we are eager to look for explanations, fundamental...

A Viral Market Update XIII: The Strong (FANGAM) get stronger!

2 months ago

When I started these updates on February 26, 2020, about two weeks...

From Class Rooms to Class Zooms: Teaching during COVID times!

3 months ago

As some of you who have visited my website and read my...

A Viral Market Update XII: The Resilience of Private Risk Capital

3 months ago

In the midst of chaos and confusion, it is human nature to...

A Viral Market Update XI: The Flexibility Premium

4 months ago

I must confess that when I started these updates in February, I...

A Viral Market Update X: A Corporate Life Cycle Perspective

4 months ago

Fear and greed are dueling forces in financial markers at all times...

A Viral Market Update IX: A Do-it-Yourself S&P 500 Valuation

5 months ago

It has been close to four weeks since my last viral market...

A Viral Market Update VIII: A Crisis Test - Value vs Growth, Active vs Passive, Small Cap vs Large!

6 months ago

In the weeks since my first update on the crisis on February...