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Last updated 8 days ago

The ESG Movement: The "Goodness" Gravy Train Rolls On!

8 days ago

Last year, I wrote a post on ESG and explained why I...

China's Tech Crackdown: Market Adjustment or Overreaction?

21 days ago

For the last two decades, China has been the dominant story for...

A DIY (Do-It-Yourse) Valuation of Zomato

about 2 months ago

Just over a week ago, I valued Zomato ahead of its market...

The Zomato IPO: A Bet on Big Markets and Platforms!

2 months ago

Zomato, an Indian online food-delivery company, started trading on the Sensex on...

Disclosure Dilemma: When more (data) leads to less (information)!

2 months ago

In the last few decades, as disclosure requirements for publicly traded firms...

The Rise of SPACs: IPO Disruptors or Blank Check Distortions?

4 months ago

For decades, the process that companies in the United States have used...

Inflation and Investing: False Alarm or Fair Warning?

4 months ago

As we approach the mid point of 2021, financial markets, for the...

Investor Taxes and Stock Prices: Threading the Needle!

4 months ago

In my last post, I looked at the Biden Administration's proposal to...

The Corporate Tax Burden: Facts and Fiction

5 months ago

The Biden Administration's $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan, announced with fanfare a...

Interest Rates, Earning Growth and Equity Value: Investment Implications

6 months ago

The first quarter of 2021 has been, for the most part, a...

Data Update 4 for 2021: The Hurdle Rate Question!

7 months ago

What is a hurdle rate for a business? There are multiple definitions...

The Price-Value Feedback Loop: A Look at GME and AMC!

8 months ago

There are three topics that you can write or talk about that...