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Last updated 3 months ago

HOWTO: Change your behavior

3 months ago

In theory, behavior change should be easy At first glance, it seems...

Hello, Perceptron: An introduction to artificial neural networks

12 months ago

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjournery are able to replicate (and...

Make a fun, infinitely replayable game in 5 minutes with GPT-4

about 1 year ago

Compared to prior versions, GPT-4 is more capable at writing fiction Combined...

26 programming languages in 25 days, Part 2: Reflections on language design

over 1 year ago

I recently wrote about completing Advent of Code 2022 using a different...

26 programming languages in 25 days, Part 1: Strategy, tactics and logistics

over 1 year ago

Since making a sudden leap from computer science to academic medicine about...

HOWTO: Avoid temptation -- why avoiding temptation is harder than you think

over 1 year ago

The ability to avoid temptation is a modern superpower With temptation ubiquitous,...

HOWTO: Control yourself

over 1 year ago

Why is self-control so hard Even though you have control over what...

HOWTO: Get tenure

over 8 years ago

Even before I got tenure, folks have told me they’re “looking forward...

Counting hash collisions with the birthday paradox

over 8 years ago

The birthday paradox observes that in a room of 23 people, the...

Parsing BibTeX in Racket and generating S-Expressions, JSON, XML and BibTeX

almost 9 years ago

BibTeX is a tool for managing and automatically generating bibliographies when using...

Low-level web programming in Racket + a wiki in 500 lines

almost 9 years ago

Racket provides a simple yet flexible web framework for serving dynamic web...

Discovering new diseases with the internet: How to find a matching patient

almost 9 years ago

Genome and exome sequencing are the greatest diagnostic breakthroughs in the history...