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Last updated about 16 hours ago

CISO Stressbusters: Post #4: 4 tips for running a highly effective security operation

about 16 hours ago

Rebecca Wynn, Global CISO & Chief Privacy Officer (CISO) of (24)7.ai, shares...

Microsoft Joins Open Source Security Foundation

1 day ago

Microsoft has invested in the security of open-source software for many years...

Empower your analysts to reduce burnout in your security operations center

8 days ago

Effective cybersecurity starts with a skilled and empowered team. In a world...

Guiding principles of our identity strategy: staying ahead of evolving customer needs

9 days ago

Last June, when I shared the 5 principles driving a customer-obsessed identity...

Seeing the big picture: Deep learning-based fusion of behavior signals for threat detection

13 days ago

The application of deep learning and other machine learning methods to threat...

Preventing data loss and mitigating risk in today’s remote work environment

15 days ago

The shift to remote work over the past few months has increased...

Hello open source security! Managing risk with software composition analysis

16 days ago

When first learning to code many people start with a rudimentary “Hello...

5 cybersecurity paradigm shifts that will lead to more inclusive digital experiences

20 days ago

Whether responding to a natural disaster, defending against a cyberattack, or meeting...

Prevent and detect more identity-based attacks with Azure Active Directory

21 days ago

Security incidents often start with just one compromised account. Once an attacker...

CISO Stressbusters Post #3: 3 ways to share accountability for security risk management

21 days ago

Jim Eckart, former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of The Coca-Cola Company...