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Last updated 2 days ago

High-Quality, Robust and Responsible Direct Speech-to-Speech Translation

2 days ago

Posted by Ye Jia and Michelle Tadmor Ramanovich, Software Engineers, Google Research...

Pathdreamer: A World Model for Indoor Navigation

3 days ago

Posted by Jing Yu Koh, Research Engineer and Peter Anderson, Senior Research...

Announcing WIT: A Wikipedia-Based Image-Text Dataset

4 days ago

Posted by Krishna Srinivasan, Software Engineer and Karthik Raman, Research Scientist, Google...

Toward Fast and Accurate Neural Networks for Image Recognition

9 days ago

Posted by Mingxing Tan and Zihang Dai, Research Scientists, Google Research As...

Revisiting Mask-Head Architectures for Novel Class Instance Segmentation

10 days ago

Posted by Vighnesh Birodkar, Research Software Engineer and Jonathan Huang, Research Scientist...

Music Conditioned 3D Dance Generation with AIST++

12 days ago

Posted by Shan Yang, Software Engineer and Angjoo Kanazawa, Research Scientist, Google...

Personalized ASR Models from a Large and Diverse Disordered Speech Dataset

16 days ago

Posted by Katrin Tomanek, Software Engineer and Bob MacDonald, Technical Program Manager...

Discovering Anomalous Data with Self-Supervised Learning

23 days ago

Posted by Kihyuk Sohn and Chun-Liang Li, Research Scientists, Google Cloud Anomaly...

Detecting Abnormal Chest X-rays using Deep Learning

24 days ago

Posted by Zaid Nabulsi, Software Engineer and Po-Hsuan Cameron Chen, Software Engineer...

Introducing Omnimattes: A New Approach to Matte Generation using Layered Neural Rendering

25 days ago

Posted by Forrester Cole, Software Engineer and Tali Dekel, Research Scientist Image...

Recreating Natural Voices for People with Speech Impairments

26 days ago

Posted by Ye Jia, Software Engineer and Julie Cattiau, Product Manager, Google...

SoundStream: An End-to-End Neural Audio Codec

about 1 month ago

Posted by Neil Zeghidour, Research Scientist and Marco Tagliasacchi, Staff Research Scientist...