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Last updated 3 days ago

Exploiting ML models with pickle file attacks: Part 2

3 days ago

By Boyan Milanov In part 1, we introduced Sleepy Pickle, an attack...

Exploiting ML models with pickle file attacks: Part 1

3 days ago

By Boyan Milanov We’ve developed a new hybrid machine learning (ML) model...

Announcing AI/ML safety and security trainings

7 days ago

By Michael D. Brown We are offering AI/ML safety and security training...

Understanding AddressSanitizer: Better memory safety for your code

29 days ago

By Dominik Klemba and Dominik Czarnota This post will guide you through...

A peek into build provenance for Homebrew

about 1 month ago

By Joe Sweeney and William Woodruff Last November, we announced our collaboration...

Using benchmarks to speed up Echidna

about 1 month ago

By Ben Siraphob During my time as a Trail of Bits associate...

The life and times of an Abstract Syntax Tree

about 1 month ago

By Francesco Bertolaccini You’ve reached computer programming nirvana. Your journey has led...

Curvance: Invariants unleashed

about 1 month ago

By Nat Chin Welcome to our deep dive into the world of...

Announcing two new LMS libraries

about 2 months ago

By Will Song The Trail of Bits cryptography team is pleased to...

5 reasons to strive for better disclosure processes

about 2 months ago

By Max Ammann This blog showcases five examples of real-world vulnerabilities that...

Introducing Ruzzy, a coverage-guided Ruby fuzzer

3 months ago

By Matt Schwager Trail of Bits is excited to introduce Ruzzy, a...

Why fuzzing over formal verification?

3 months ago

By Tarun Bansal, Gustavo Grieco, and Josselin Feist We recently introduced our...