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Last updated about 14 hours ago

Mark Harman elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

about 1 month ago

The U.K.’s Royal Academy of Engineering has elected Facebook Research Scientist Mark...

The next decade: How Facebook is stepping up the fight against climate change

about 1 month ago

In 2018, we set an ambitious goal of achieving a 75 percent...

Throughput autoscaling: Dynamic sizing for Facebook.com

about 1 month ago

Facebook’s web tier is one of the main services that handle HTTP...

Fault tolerance through optimal workload placement

about 1 month ago

As our infrastructure has expanded, we have seen an exponential growth in...

Results of Oregon environmental impact report

about 2 months ago

The Jupiter subsea cable is a transpacific cable that runs between Japan...

Containerizing ZooKeeper with Twine: Powering container orchestration from within

about 2 months ago

Hardware fails, networks partition, and humans break things. The job of our...