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Last updated over 1 year ago

Our Principles for IoT Security Labeling

over 1 year ago

Posted by Dave Kleidermacher, Eugene Liderman, and Android and Made by Google...

Announcing GUAC, a great pairing with SLSA (and SBOM)!

over 1 year ago

Posted by Brandon Lum, Mihai Maruseac, Isaac Hepworth, Google Open Source Security...

Security of Passkeys in the Google Password Manager

over 1 year ago

Posted by Arnar Birgisson, Software EngineerWe are excited to announce passkey support...

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro: The next evolution in mobile security

over 1 year ago

Dave Kleidermacher, Jesse Seed, Brandon Barbello, Sherif Hanna, Eugene Liderman, Android, Pixel...

Use-after-freedom: MiraclePtr

over 1 year ago

Posted by Adrian Taylor, Bartek Nowierski and Kentaro Hara on behalf of...

Fuzzing beyond memory corruption: Finding broader classes of vulnerabilities automatically

over 1 year ago

Posted by Jonathan Metzman, Dongge Liu and Oliver Chang, Google Open Source...

Announcing Google’s Open Source Software Vulnerability Rewards Program

over 1 year ago

Posted by Francis Perron, Open Source Security Technical Program ManagerToday, we are...

Announcing the Open Sourcing of Paranoid's Library

over 1 year ago

Posted by Pedro Barbosa, Security Engineer, and Daniel Bleichenbacher, Software EngineerParanoid is...

Making Linux Kernel Exploit Cooking Harder

almost 2 years ago

Posted by Eduardo Vela, Exploit CriticCover of the medieval cookbook. Title in...

How Hash-Based Safe Browsing Works in Google Chrome

almost 2 years ago

By Rohit Bhatia, Mollie Bates, Google Chrome Security There are various threats...

DNS-over-HTTP/3 in Android

almost 2 years ago

Posted by Matthew Mauer and Mike Yu, Android team To help keep...

TAG Bulletin: Q2 2022

almost 2 years ago

Posted by Shane Huntley, Director, Threat Analysis GroupThis bulletin includes coordinated influence...