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Last updated about 2 months ago

How CPUs do Out Of Order Operations - Computerphile

about 2 months ago

How CPUs that are capable can manage to complete tasks simultaneously without...

How Ray Tracing Works - Computerphile

2 months ago

https://www.facebook.com/computerphile https://twitter.com/computer_phile This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley. Computer...

Has Generative AI Already Peaked? - Computerphile

2 months ago

Bug Byte puzzle here - https://bit.ly/4bnlcb9 - and apply to Jane Street...

How Branch Prediction Works in CPUs - Computerphile

3 months ago

How does branch prediction speed up operations? Matt Godbolt continues the deep...

How AI 'Understands' Images (CLIP) - Computerphile

3 months ago

With the explosion of AI image generators, AI images are everywhere, but...

CPU Pipeline - Computerphile

3 months ago

How do CPUs make the most efficient use of their compute time...

ChatGPT Jailbreak - Computerphile

3 months ago

With Large Language Models becoming used across all areas of computing, security...

AES GCM (Advanced Encryption Standard in Galois Counter Mode) - Computerphile

4 months ago

Your browser is using this system right now! (at time of typing!)...

Wearable Tech Discussed - Computerphile

4 months ago

The field of Human Computer Interaction has been transformed with wearables that...

Garbled Circuits - Computerphile

4 months ago

Going hand in hand with Oblivious Transfer is 'Garbled Circuits' - a...

Gaussian Splatting! - Computerphile

4 months ago

A new technique to turn pictures of a scene into a 3D...

Digital Plants (L-Systems) - Computerphile

5 months ago

From simple rules, complex 'organisms' can emerge. PhD candidate Zachariah Garby has...