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Last updated about 16 hours ago

‘Radical Change’ Needed After Latest Neutron Star Collision

about 16 hours ago

Last summer, the gravitational wave observatory known as LIGO caught its second-ever...

Rainbow Proof Shows Graphs Have Uniform Parts

1 day ago

On January 8, three mathematicians posted a proof of a nearly 60-year-old...

New Exoplanet Search Strategy Claims First Discovery

3 days ago

Jupiter’s moon Io — the solar system’s most volcanic world — has...

New Clues about ‘Ambigram’ Viruses with Strange Reversible Genes

9 days ago

In 1971, microbiologists examining yeast cells discovered strange, rogue fragments of RNA...

Immune Cell Assassins Reveal Their Nurturing Side

10 days ago

After a heart attack, patients are increasingly often offered the option of...

Color-Changing Material Unites the Math and Physics of Knots

11 days ago

One sunny day last summer, Mathias Kolle, a professor at the Massachusetts...

Did the Chicken Come First or Is It Turtles All the Way Down?

15 days ago

When you consider the origin of life, the origin of the universe...

The Grand Unified Theory of Rogue Waves

16 days ago

Two weeks before Christmas in 1978, the cargo ship MS München encountered...

Mathematicians Prove Universal Law of Turbulence

17 days ago

Picture a calm river. Now picture a torrent of white water. What...

The Contrarian Who Cures Cancers

18 days ago

When I first met the immunology researcher James P. Allison in 2014...

Artificial Intelligence Will Do What We Ask. That’s a Problem.

22 days ago

The danger of having artificially intelligent machines do our bidding is that...