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Biologists Rethink the Logic Behind Cells’ Molecular Signals

1 day ago

Back in 2000, when Michael Elowitz of the California Institute of Technology...

A Massive Subterranean ‘Tree’ Is Moving Magma to Earth’s Surface

2 days ago

Réunion, a French island in the western Indian Ocean, is like a...

How Ancient War Trickery Is Alive In Math Today

3 days ago

Imagine you’re a general in ancient times and you want to keep...

The Journey to Define Dimension

4 days ago

The notion of dimension at first seems intuitive. Glancing out the window...

New Math Book Rescues Landmark Topology Proof

8 days ago

One of the most important pieces of mathematical knowledge was on the...

Karen Miga Fills In the Missing Pieces of Our Genome

9 days ago

In 1990, an international team of scientists began an ambitious attempt to...

One Lab’s Quest to Build Space-Time Out of Quantum Particles

10 days ago

The prospects for directly testing a theory of quantum gravity are poor...

How Computationally Complex Is a Single Neuron?

15 days ago

Our mushy brains seem a far cry from the solid silicon chips...

The Complex Truth About ‘Junk DNA’

16 days ago

Imagine the human genome as a string stretching out for the length...

The New Thermodynamic Understanding of Clocks

17 days ago

In 2013, a masters student in physics named Paul Erker went combing...

To Learn More Quickly, Brain Cells Break Their DNA

18 days ago

Faced with a threat, the brain has to act fast, its neurons...

Banach-Tarski and the Paradox of Infinite Cloning

22 days ago

Imagine two friends hiking in the woods. They grow hungry and decide...