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Last updated about 14 hours ago

At the International Mathematical Olympiad, Artificial Intelligence Prepares to Go for the Gold

about 14 hours ago

The 61st International Mathematical Olympiad, or IMO, begins today. It may go...

How Mathematical ‘Hocus-Pocus’ Saved Particle Physics

5 days ago

In the 1940s, trailblazing physicists stumbled upon the next layer of reality...

A New Algorithm for Graph Crossings, Hiding in Plain Sight

7 days ago

This past October, as Jacob Holm and Eva Rotenberg were thumbing through...

‘Trained Immunity’ Offers Hope in Fight Against Coronavirus

8 days ago

Laboratories around the world are in a high-profile race to create vaccines...

When Math Gets Impossibly Hard

8 days ago

We like to say that anything is possible. In Norton Juster’s novel...

Mathematicians Open a New Front on an Ancient Number Problem

12 days ago

As a high school student in the mid-1990s, Pace Nielsen encountered a...

How Two Became One: Origins of a Mysterious Symbiosis Found

13 days ago

Symbiotic relationships between bacteria and multicellular organisms are everywhere in nature, but...

A New Cosmic Tension: The Universe Might Be Too Thin

14 days ago

The cosmos is starting to look a bit weird. For a few...

An Unexpected Twist Lights Up the Secrets of Turbulence

19 days ago

It’s time to feed the blob. Seething and voracious, it absorbs eight...

Conducting the Mathematical Orchestra From the Middle

20 days ago

Emily Riehl sees similarities between the viola, which she grew up playing...

By Losing Genes, Life Often Evolved More Complexity

21 days ago

When Cristian Cañestro set out in the early 2000s to study how...

Mathematicians Report New Discovery About the Dodecahedron

22 days ago

Even though mathematicians have spent over 2,000 years dissecting the structure of...