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Last updated 36 minutes ago

How Mathematicians Use Homology to Make Sense of Topology

37 minutes ago

At first, topology can seem like an unusually imprecise branch of mathematics...

DNA’s Histone Spools Hint at How Complex Cells Evolved

about 23 hours ago

Molecular biology has something in common with kite-flying competitions. At the latter...

How to Solve Equations That Are Stubborn as a Goat

5 days ago

If you’ve ever taken a math test, you’ve probably met a grazing...

Quantum Double-Slit Experiment Offers Hope for Earth-Size Telescope

6 days ago

Imagine being able to see the surface of an Earth-like planet orbiting...

How Gravity Is a Double Copy of Other Forces

7 days ago

As far as physicists have been able to determine, nature speaks two...

Researchers Read the Sugary ‘Language’ on Cell Surfaces

8 days ago

When Pascal Gagneux envisions malaria parasites and other pathogens interacting with the...

How to Rewrite the Laws of Physics in the Language of Impossibility

12 days ago

They say that in art, constraints lead to creativity. The same seems...

A Backdoor Lets the Immune System Monitor the Brain

13 days ago

A hundred years ago, the Japanese scientist Y. Shirai published a mysterious...

Cosmic Map of Ultrahigh-Energy Particles Points to Long-Hidden Treasures

14 days ago

In the 1930s, the French physicist Pierre Auger placed Geiger counters along...

New Proof Reveals That Graphs With No Pentagons Are Fundamentally Different

15 days ago

When you walk into a room full of people, you can speculate...

How Maxwell’s Demon Continues to Startle Scientists

19 days ago

The universe bets on disorder. Imagine, for example, dropping a thimbleful of...

DNA of Giant ‘Corpse Flower’ Parasite Surprises Biologists

20 days ago

They are invisible at first. In their Southeast Asian forest homes, they...