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Last updated about 3 hours ago

How to: Handle Missing Data for Time Series

about 3 hours ago

Should you drop, interpolate, or impute?Continue reading on Towards Data Science »

From Assumptions to Accuracy: The Role of Conditional Probability in Real-World Predictions

about 5 hours ago

Conditional probability is better than probability ; IF you have the relevant...

The Art of Stress Management as a Data Scientist

about 5 hours ago

What you do when you’re not a data scientist could help you...

Behind The Scenes: Explaining My Work As A Data Scientist

about 17 hours ago

A breakdown of what my data science role truly entailsContinue reading on...

6 Real-World Uses of Microsoft’s Newest Phi-3 Vision-Language Model

about 17 hours ago

Exploring possible use cases of Phi-3-Vision, a small yet powerful MLLM that...

Streamline Your Prompts to Decrease LLM Costs and Latency

about 17 hours ago

Discover 5 techniques to optimize token usage without sacrificing accuracyContinue reading on...

Practical Computer Simulations for Product Analysts

1 day ago

Part 3: Modelling Ops queuesImage by DALL-E 3Today, I would like to...

Optimising Non-Linear Treatment Effects in Pricing and Promotions

1 day ago

Causal AI, exploring the integration of causal reasoning into machine learningPhoto by...

Understanding Low Rank Adaptation (LoRA) in Fine Tuning LLMs

1 day ago

Understanding Low Rank Adaptation (LoRA) in Fine-Tuning LLMsThis blog post will go...

Supply Chain Process Scheduling with Python

1 day ago

Use linear programming to Increase the production capacity of value-added services in...

Two Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Doing Cross-Validation

1 day ago

And the techniques you need to combat themContinue reading on Towards Data...

Additive Decision Trees

1 day ago

An interpretable classification and regression modelThis article is part of a series...