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Last updated about 1 month ago

I’ve Moved Onchain

about 1 month ago

Over the last few years, I’ve moved my internet life from web2...

Transit Tech Lab

5 months ago

The Partnership for NYC, alongside its partners at the MTA, the Port...

Empire AI

5 months ago

Last summer I sat down with Tom Secunda, who co-founded Bloomberg LP...

Read Write Own

5 months ago

Chris Dixon, who leads the A16Z crypto fund, and has been an...

What Will Happen In 2024

6 months ago

As we enter 2024, the capital markets have found their footing and...

What Happened In 2023

6 months ago

I like to bookend the New Year holiday with two posts, one...

My Year-End Playlist

6 months ago

Every year I put together a playlist at the end of the...


8 months ago

I got an Oura ring a couple of years ago and have...

Open Office Hours at NYC Tech Week

8 months ago

NYC Tech Week is next week. It will be a week filled...

The Heist

9 months ago

On Saturday, September 9th, the Gotham Gal and I arrived at JFK...

CEO 360s

10 months ago

I’ve written about this topic before. It is an important topic and...

Subscribing To AVC

10 months ago

For many years, there were three ways to subscribe to AVC 1/...