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Last updated 1 day ago

Funding Friday: Newly Finite Themes

1 day ago

My friend Mike Masnick, founder and leader of Techdirt, is crowdfunding a...

Citibiking (Continued)

4 days ago

Yesterday I wrote about NYC’s Citibike system, which I love, and said...

Citibiking (Continued)

5 days ago

I have written about my love for NYC’s Citibike service many times...


6 days ago

Back in 2005 Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Blink that was...

Funding Friday: Honk NYC! 2021

9 days ago

I just backed this project to support a festival of street musicians...

Large Group In-Person Meetings

11 days ago

I have been doing a bunch of large group in-person meetings in...

The Apple Epic Decision Is A Breakthrough For Crypto

13 days ago

In her decision last week on the Epic vs Apple case, Judge...

Generalist vs Specialist

17 days ago

At USV, we have a fairly narrow thesis that sets out what...

Staying Plugged In

19 days ago

I wrote in my 60th birthday post that my late career mantra...

Funding Friday: land to sea

23 days ago

I backed this project to fund a creator space and coffee shop...


26 days ago

I am a fan of and a practioner of investing in risky...

The World After Capital

27 days ago

My partner Albert has been writing a book in public over the...