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Last updated about 7 hours ago

UK MoD Data Breach Shows Cybersecurity Must Protect Both People and Data

about 12 hours ago

The UK MoD has failed to protect personally identifiable information (PII) for...

FragAttacks Foil 2 Decades of Wireless Security

about 2 months ago

Wireless security protocols have improved, but product vendors continue to make implementation...

Researchers Call for 'CVE' Approach for Cloud Vulnerabilities

about 2 months ago

New research suggests isolation among cloud customer accounts may not be a...

HTTP/2 Implementation Errors Exposing Websites to Serious Risks

about 2 months ago

Organizations that don't implement end-to-end HTTP/2 are vulnerable to attacks that redirect...

CISA Launches JCDC, the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

about 2 months ago

"We can't do this alone," the new CISA director told attendees in...

Incident Responders Explore Microsoft 365 Attacks in the Wild

about 2 months ago

Mandiant experts discuss the novel techniques used to evade detection, automate data...

Researchers Find Significant Vulnerabilities in macOS Privacy Protections

about 2 months ago

Attacks require executing code on a system but foil Apple's approach to...

A New Approach to Securing Authentication Systems' Core Secrets

about 2 months ago

Researchers at Black Hat USA explain issues around defending "Golden Secrets" and...

Organizations Still Struggle to Hire & Retain Infosec Employees: Report

about 2 months ago

Security leaders are challenged to fill application security and cloud computing jobs...

Why Supply Chain Attacks Are Destined to Escalate

about 2 months ago

In his keynote address at Black Hat USA on Wednesday, Matt Tait...

New Normal Demands New Security Leadership Structure

about 2 months ago

At the inaugural Omdia Analyst Summit, experts discuss where the past year...

Multiple Zero-Day Flaws Discovered in Popular Hospital Pneumatic Tube System

about 2 months ago

"PwnedPiper" flaws could allow attackers to disrupt delivery of lab samples or...