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Last updated 2 days ago

React v17.0

3 days ago

Introducing the New JSX Transform

about 1 month ago

Although React 17 doesn’t contain new features, it will provide support for...

React v17.0 Release Candidate: No New Features

2 months ago

Today, we are publishing the first Release Candidate for React 17. It...

React v16.13.0

8 months ago

Today we are releasing React 16.13.0. It contains bugfixes and new deprecation...

Building Great User Experiences with Concurrent Mode and Suspense

12 months ago

At React Conf 2019 we announced an experimental release of React that...

Preparing for the Future with React Prereleases

about 1 year ago

To share upcoming changes with our partners in the React ecoystem, we’re...

Introducing the New React DevTools

about 1 year ago

We are excited to announce a new release of the React Developer...

React v16.9.0 and the Roadmap Update

about 1 year ago

Today we are releasing React 16.9. It contains several new features, bugfixes...

Is React Translated Yet? ¡Sí! Sim! はい!

over 1 year ago

We’re excited to announce an ongoing effort to maintain official translations of...

React v16.8: The One With Hooks

over 1 year ago

With React 16.8, React Hooks are available in a stable release What...

React v16.7: No, This Is Not The One With Hooks

almost 2 years ago

Our latest release includes an important performance bugfix for React.lazy. Although there...

React 16.x Roadmap

almost 2 years ago

You might have heard about features like “Hooks”, “Suspense”, and “Concurrent Rendering”...