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Last updated about 2 hours ago

Bill Hagerty Calls Out Sanders for Backing Reconciliation Bill Despite Big Tech Immigration Carve Out

about 2 hours ago

Hagerty claims the provision would allow Big Tech firms to replace American...

Texas Governor Signs Law Banning Students from Competing against Opposite Sex in Sports

about 4 hours ago

Representative Valoree Swanson, the bill’s sponsor, said earlier this month that it...

Fifty Years of Chinese Subversion at the U.N.

about 5 hours ago

Beijing’s corruption of the organization can be seen everywhere.

Greene Fined a Third Time for Violating House Floor Mask Mandate

about 6 hours ago

Greene has now accrued $5,500 in fines this year for refusing to...

Loudoun County Father Calls on NSBA to Apologize Directly to Parents over ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter

about 7 hours ago

Smith alleged earlier this month that a boy wearing a skirt assaulted...

Terry McAuliffe Spreads Another Stolen-Election Conspiracy Theory

about 7 hours ago

The Virginia Democrat is at it again — and we shouldn’t be...

NYC Workers Converge on Brooklyn Bridge to Protest ‘Medical Tyranny’ of City’s Vaccine Mandate

about 8 hours ago

Thousands of city workers converged on the Brooklyn Bridge Monday to protest...

A Breathtakingly Dishonest Tax Rant in the New York Times

about 8 hours ago

Columnist Binyamin Appelbaum butchers the facts to tar Republicans as a threat...

Ron Johnson Calls On DHS to Reveal Number of Illegal Immigrants Released into U.S.

about 9 hours ago

Earlier this month, Fox News reported that the Biden administration had released...

It’s All Projection: McAuliffe Smears Youngkin as 2020 Truther While Embracing His Own Election Conspiracy

about 9 hours ago

Over the weekend, McAuliffe suggested that the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election was...

Nevada GOP Senate Candidate Runs as Bulwark against the Left’s Push for ‘Radical Transformation’

about 11 hours ago

After serving as the country’s youngest ever attorney general, Adam Laxalt is...

The Wrong Way to Fight Progressive Indoctrination in Public Schools

about 12 hours ago

Attacking woke curricula on First Amendment grounds won’t work. Parents must instead...