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Last updated 6 days ago

Ethical Social Media: Oxymoron or Attainable Goal?

6 days ago

Humans have wrestled with ethics for millennia. Each generation spawns a fresh...

2021 Data/AI Salary Survey

12 days ago

In June 2021, we asked the recipients of our Data & AI...

Radar trends to watch: September 2021

26 days ago

Let’s start with a moment of silence for O’Reilly Author Toby Segaran...

Rebranding Data

about 1 month ago

There’s a flavor of puzzle in which you try to determine the...

A Way Forward with Communal Computing

about 1 month ago

Communal devices in our homes and offices aren’t quite right. In previous...

Defending against ransomware is all about the basics

about 2 months ago

The concept behind ransomware is simple. An attacker plants malware on your...

Radar trends to watch: August 2021

about 2 months ago

Security continues to be in the news: most notably the Kaseya ransomware...

Communal Computing’s Many Problems

2 months ago

In the first article of this series, we discussed communal computing devices...

Thinking About Glue

3 months ago

In Glue: the Dark Matter of Software, Marcel Weiher asks why there’s...

Radar trends to watch: July 2021

3 months ago

Certainly the biggest news of the past month has been a continuation...

Hand Labeling Considered Harmful

3 months ago

We are traveling through the era of Software 2.0, in which the...

Why Elon Musk is so rich

3 months ago

At one point early this year, Elon Musk briefly passed Jeff Bezos...