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Last updated 5 days ago

Making Marketing More Effective with AI

5 days ago

Marketing teams have been using machine learning for more than a decade...

Radar Trends to Watch: May 2024

12 days ago

In the past month, we saw a blizzard of new language models...

To understand the risks posed by AI, follow the money

19 days ago

By Rufus Rock, UCL; Tim O’Reilly, UCL; Ilan Strauss, UCL; and Mariana...

Rising Tide Rents and Robber Baron Rents

26 days ago

Why is it that Google, a company once known for its distinctive...

Attacking Supply Chains at the Source

about 1 month ago

We’ve been very lucky. A couple of weeks ago, a supply-chain attack...

Quality Assurance, Errors, and AI

about 1 month ago

A recent article in Fast Company makes the claim “Thanks to AI...

AI Has an Uber Problem

about 2 months ago

This article originally appeared in The Information on March 5th, 2024 “The...

Radar Trends to Watch: April 2024

about 2 months ago

There are lots of new models, including one from Apple, but that’s...

Vacuum Tubes and Transistors

2 months ago

I’ve had a ham radio license since the late 1960s and observed...

Radar Trends to Watch: March 2024

3 months ago

January was a dull month, at least in my opinion. Maybe everyone...

Universal API Access from Postgres and SQLite

3 months ago

In SQL: The Universal Solvent for REST APIs we saw how Steampipe’s...