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Last updated 13 days ago


13 days ago

10/17/20 – T-shirts will be arriving about a month later than planned...

Katia: Inquire

about 1 month ago

HopefulScion wrote:Getting a blast of joy every time you call the SoulCairn...


2 months ago

Rex wrote:WAIT! Quickly look around, maybe he didn’t want to be rude...

Katia: Try a few more things

3 months ago

Fargone wrote:Use your claws to make a small cut in the palm...

Two hours later…

4 months ago

Cerberus wrote:You first learned Mysticism via levitation using the ramblings of an...

Katia: Do that

6 months ago

Bearclaw wrote:Time to start training your alchemy skills. Let’s try to make...


10 months ago

SkoomaCat wrote:Asotil was probably running ahead of schedule and you just missed...


almost 1 year ago

Snowbell wrote:Ask (your new friend) Gaius to accompany you on your way...

Katia: Deliver apology

about 1 year ago

Nordslikeputtingwasabiontheirshields wrote:Wow, it truly feels like years since you’ve seen Captain Gaius...

Katia: Consolidate inventory

about 1 year ago

Questionablethoughtprocess wrote:You’re in the mages guild with a ton of alchemical ingredients...


about 1 year ago

ItsOnlyKaren wrote:POCKET ALL THE SHINIES!!!!!!Agoodidea wrote:Take ALL the shinies! jackemled wrote:You may...

Katia: Swan dive!

over 1 year ago

Baker wrote:Best angle: a swan dive right into it. BloodSung wrote:Dive in...