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Last updated 9 months ago

BSidesSF CTF: Choose your own keyventure: rsa-debugger challenge!

9 months ago

Thanks to symmetric (aka Brandon Enright) for this wonderful guest post! I...

BSidesSF CTF: Hard reversing challenge: Chameleon

9 months ago

For my third and final blog post about the BSidesSF CTF, I...

BSidesSF CTF: Easy to hard Rust reversing challenges

9 months ago

As mentioned in a previous post, I was honoured to once again...

BSidesSF CTF: Difficult reverse engineering challenge: Gman

9 months ago

Once again, it was my distinct privilege to be a BSidesSF CTF...

How do I start picking locks?

12 months ago

Hey folks I run a lot of lockpicking villages and such, and...

In BSidesSF CTF, calc.exe exploits you! (Author writeup of launchcode)

over 1 year ago

Hey everybody In addition to genius, whose writeup I already posted, my...

Some crypto challenges: Author writeup from BSidesSF CTF

over 1 year ago

Hey everybody This is yet another author's writeup for BSidesSF CTF challenges!...

BSidesSF CTF author writeup: genius

over 1 year ago

Hey all This is going to be an author's writeup of the...

Technical Rundown of WebExec

about 2 years ago

This is a technical rundown of a vulnerability that we've dubbed "WebExec"...

Solving b-64-b-tuff: writing base64 and alphanumeric shellcode

over 3 years ago

Hey everybody A couple months ago, we ran BSides San Francisco CTF....

Book review: The Car Hacker’s Handbook

over 3 years ago

So, this is going to be a bit of an unusual blog...

BSidesSF CTF wrap-up

almost 4 years ago

Welcome While this is technically a CTF writeup, like I frequently do,...