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Last updated 5 days ago

age Plugins

5 days ago

age is a file encryption tool, library, and format. It lets you...

Geomys, a blueprint for a sustainable open source maintenance firm

14 days ago

In 2022, I left Google in search of a sustainable approach to...


26 days ago

About a year ago I wrote that “I want to use XAES-256-GCM/11...

My Maintenance Policy

4 months ago

I wrote a short document describing how I maintain open source projects...

PINs for Cryptography with Hardware Secure Elements

5 months ago

I’m a big fan of technologies that enable otherwise impossible security properties...

Post-quantum Cryptography for the Go Ecosystem

6 months ago

filippo.io/mlkem768 is a pure-Go implementation of ML-KEM-768 optimized for correctness and readability...

Enough Polynomials and Linear Algebra to Implement Kyber

9 months ago

I was once talking with a mathematician and trying to explain elliptic...

Why We Don’t Generate Elliptic Curves Every Day

9 months ago

With all the talk recently of how the NIST curve parameters were...

Announcing the $12k NIST Elliptic Curves Seeds Bounty

10 months ago

The NIST elliptic curves that power much of modern cryptography were generated...

I want XAES-256-GCM/11

about 1 year ago

In 2023, the way to use AES is AES-GCM. Anything else is...

A Cryptographic Near Miss

over 1 year ago

Go 1.20.2 fixed a small vulnerability in the crypto/elliptic package. The impact...

Planning Go 1.21 Cryptography Work

over 1 year ago

As most of you are tired to hear by now, I am...