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Last updated 1 day ago

DevOps Lab | Infra as Code in Action: Protect production resources | Ep 3 of 4-episode series | The DevOps Lab

1 day ago

Christopher Maneu is back for episode three of this four-part series, Infra...

AI Show | Ramping up your custom NLP tasks with Verseagility | Episode 30 | AI Show

5 days ago

Recorded live on September 10, 2021On this episode of the AI Show...

Enable government missions in the cloud with Azure Government | Azure Friday

5 days ago

Steve Michelotti joins Scott Hanselman to show what's new in Azure Government...

How to Use Citus to Shard Postgres, for Performance & Scale | Data Exposed

6 days ago

If you're looking to scale your Postgres database, the Citus open-source extension...

Accepting online payments with Stripe | On .NET

7 days ago

Stripe is a great service that makes it easy for developers to...

Windows Package Manager: Winget v1.0 | Tabs vs Spaces

8 days ago

Windows Package Manager enables you to find and install apps with the...

DevOps Lab | Level up your Bicep skills on Microsoft Learn | The DevOps Lab

8 days ago

On today's episode of The DevOps Lab, April Edwards welcomes John Downs...

Get a secure baseline architecture for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) | Azure Friday

12 days ago

Derek Martin joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)...

Building multi-tenant solutions with Azure IoT Central | Internet of Things Show

13 days ago

Join us to learn more about an upcoming feature in Azure IoT...

Using Query Store Hints to Optimize Memory Grants, Improving Performance | Data Exposed

13 days ago

Query store hints enables changing query plan shapes without modifying application code...

Web Live Preview | Visual Studio Toolbox

13 days ago

Sayed Hashimi, PM on the ASP.NET team, shows us how Visual Studio...

DevOps Lab | Infra as Code in Action: Secrets management | Ep 2 of 4-episode series | The DevOps Lab

15 days ago

 April Edwards and Christopher Maneu are back for part two of this...