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Last updated about 6 years ago

Symbolic Deobfuscation: From Virtualized Code Back to the Original

about 6 years ago

Software protection has taken an important place during the last decade in...

Playing with the Tigress binary protection. Automatic deobfuscation using symbolic execution and LLVM.

over 7 years ago

Automatic deobfuscation of the Tigress binary protection using symbolic execution and LLVM.

Slides of my talk at @St'Hack 2015 - Dynamic Behavior Analysis Using Binary Instrumentation

over 54 years ago

This talk can be considered like the part 2 of my talk...

What kind of semantics information Triton can provide?

about 8 years ago

Triton is a binary analysis framework which is currently mainly focused around...

Dynamic Binary Analysis and Obfuscated Codes

over 8 years ago

At this presentation we will talk about how a DBA (Dynamic Binary...

Triton (A Dynamic Symbolic Execution engine) version 0.2 is out!

over 8 years ago

For this version, we have pushed 272 commits and closed 84 issues...

Blog post - Code coverage using dynamic symbolic execution

almost 9 years ago

Code coverage is mainly used in the vulnerability research area. The goal...

Multiple Kernel vulnerabilities in the Samsung S4's (GT-I9500) video driver

almost 9 years ago

This report describes 5 kernel bugs in the Samsung S4 GT-I9500 JB...

Triton: A Concolic Execution Framework

about 9 years ago

Triton is a concolic execution framework based on Pin. It provides components...

Slides of my talk at @SecuDayLille1 about Dynamic Symbolic Execution

over 9 years ago

This talk is about binary analysis and instrumentation. We will see how...