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Last updated 7 months ago

KPOT info stealer samples

7 months ago

KPOT Stealer is a “stealer” malware that focuses on stealing account information...


10 months ago

This post is a very much unrelated to information security and malware.However...

APT Calypso RAT, Flying Dutchman Samples

12 months ago

Reference2019-10-31 Calypso APT: new group attacking state institutions Attackers exploit Windows SMB...

Masad Clipper and Stealer - Windows spyware exfiltrating data via Telegram (samples)

about 1 year ago

Reference2019-09-25 Juniper. Masad Stealer: Exfiltrating using Telegram “Masad Clipper and Stealer” steals...

Amnesia / Radiation Linux botnet targeting Remote Code Execution in CCTV DVR samples

about 1 year ago

Reference Amnesia / Radiation botnet samples targeting Remote Code Execution in CCTV...

Linux/AirDropBot samples

about 1 year ago

Reference Malware Must Die:  MMD-0064-2019 - Linux/AirDropBotMirai variant targeting Linksys E-series -...

HiddenWasp Linux malware backdoor samples

over 1 year ago

Here are Hidden Wasp Linux backdoor samples. Enjoy Reference Intezer HiddenWasp Malware...

Rootkit Umbreon / Umreon - x86, ARM samples

over 2 years ago

Pokémon-themed Umbreon Linux Rootkit Hits x86, ARM SystemsResearch: Trend MicroThere are two...

DDE Command Execution malware samples

about 3 years ago

bf38288956449bb120bae525b6632f0294d25593da8938bbe79849d6defed5cbHere are a few samples related to the recent DDE Command executionReading:10/12/2017...

Part II. APT29 Russian APT including Fancy Bear

over 3 years ago

This is the second part of Russian APT series."APT29 - The Dukes...

Part I. Russian APT - APT28 collection of samples including OSX XAgent

over 3 years ago

 This post is for all of you, Russian malware lovers/haters. Analyze it...

DeepEnd Research: Analysis of Trump's secret server story

over 3 years ago

 We posted our take on the Trump's server story. If you have...