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Last updated about 3 hours ago

Divers find remains of Finnish WWII plane shot down by Soviets

about 3 hours ago

Salvage team in Estonia says it located well-preserved parts and debris from...

50,000 Gaza children require urgent treatment for malnutrition: UN

about 3 hours ago

UNRWA warns people in Gaza face 'catastrophic' levels of hunger because of...

Why is the EU imposing new tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles?

about 3 hours ago

China accuses Brussels of protectionism, EU says Chinese subsidies are unfair.

UN officials warn of ‘miscalculation’ along Israel-Lebanon border

about 3 hours ago

Lebanon-based United Nations officials raise alarm of possible war escalation as Hezbollah-Israel...

England vs Serbia – UEFA Euro 2024: Can England finally win a major title?

about 4 hours ago

England hasn't won a major football trophy since 1966 and hope to...

Haiti to replace national police chief in effort to counter gang violence

about 5 hours ago

Newly installed Prime Minister Garry Conille has vowed to bring security to...

8 Israeli soldiers killed in southern Gaza ambush; deadliest day in months

about 6 hours ago

Hamas says it carried out 'a complex ambush against enemy vehicles' in...

UK royal Kate Middleton makes first public appearance since cancer revealed

about 7 hours ago

The princess of Wales has said she is making progress as she...

Hundreds of thousands in France protest far right ahead of snap elections

about 9 hours ago

Crowds have gathered daily in France to protest since President Macron called...

Muslim pilgrims converge on Mount Arafat for holiest day of Hajj

about 12 hours ago

The ritual at Mount Arafat is considered the peak of the annual...

Iran, Sweden exchange prisoners in Omani-mediated deal

about 12 hours ago

Former Iranian official Hamid Nouri released in exchange for Swedish citizens Johan...

In Canada, a pattern of police intimidation of journalists is emerging

about 13 hours ago

The silence from politicians over my arrest highlights the lack of political...