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Last updated about 2 hours ago

26,000 and Counting: America is Installing Hundreds More Bitcoin ATMs Each Week

about 2 hours ago

The cryptocurrency-ATM company Coinmover has over 100 machines in stores in Massachusetts...

VoIP.ms Battles Week-Long Sustained DDoS-for-Ransom Attack

about 4 hours ago

Slashdot reader Striek writes: VoIP.ms, a Canadian VoIP provider [also serving the...

110,000 Affected by Epik Breach - Including Those Who Trusted Epik to Hide Their Identity

about 7 hours ago

Epik's massive data breach is already affecting lives. Today the Washington Post...

Can Antimatter Be Generated in a Lab?

about 8 hours ago

"An international team of physicists have come up with a way to...

6,000 Evacuated After Volcanic Lava Flow Spreads on Spanish Island

about 9 hours ago

On Monday RockDoctor (Slashdot reader #15,477) wrote: Regular readers may remember recurring...

What Happened When Germany Tried to Fight Online Hate Speech?

about 10 hours ago

"Harassment and abuse are all too common on the modern internet," writes...

Linus Torvalds Recognizes Linux's 'True' 30th Anniversary Date

about 11 hours ago

While it's been argued that Linux has four different "birthdays," last Friday...

Google Sues India's Competition Commission - For Sharing Its Findings About Google

about 12 hours ago

Google used its "huge financial muscle" to illegally hurt competitors, the Competition...

The Semiconductor Shortage is Getting Worse

about 13 hours ago

"The global semiconductor shortage that has paralyzed automakers for nearly a year...

Why EFF Flew a Plane Over Apple's Headquarters

about 14 hours ago

EFF.org has the story For the last month, civil liberties and human...

Chris Pratt Cast as Voice of Mario for New 'Super Mario Bros' Movie

about 15 hours ago

Newsweek reports Chris Pratt is in a celebratory mood, following the announcement...

Google Photos' Nude-Friendly Folders Coming To All Android Phones Soon

about 17 hours ago

Google Photos' Locked Folder feature, which lets you hide sensitive photos and...