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Last updated about 1 hour ago

The Green Knight trailer has Dev Patel, giants, monsters, and big axes

about 1 hour ago

Image: A24 A24’s Arthurian legend is finally headed to theaters Continue reading…

Is Dratini shiny in Pokémon Go?

about 2 hours ago

Image: Niantic/The Pokemon Company Dratini is in the spotlight May 11 Continue...

Waluigi is having a great week

about 16 hours ago

Image: Nintendo/YouTube He’s been all over the place lately Continue reading…

Heat, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and everything else we watched this weekend

about 17 hours ago

Photo: Warner Bros. Michael Mann’s symphonic crime drama represents the genre at...

Ethan Winters’ poor hands are the laughingstock of the internet

about 18 hours ago

Image: Capcom Resident Evil 8’s protagonist deserves a hand Continue reading…

DC’s Beast Boy hits Fortnite, teams up with new squeeze Raven

about 19 hours ago

Image: Epic Games Primal Season 6 crosses over with Teen Titans’ graphic...

The pitfalls of inventing an alien civilization

about 20 hours ago

Illustration: Darya Shnykina for Polygon The ‘Vulcan-Ferengi dichotomy’ exposes the challenge of...

How modern science fiction is imagining the future

about 20 hours ago

Illustration: Zoe van Dijk from Polygon Polygon’s Sci-fi Week looks at how...

Love, Death & Robots teaser jams in all the red band content possible

about 21 hours ago

Image: Netflix How many fucks can Netflix give? Continue reading…

Agent Coulson is now America’s evil president

about 21 hours ago

Image: Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness/Marvel Comics Nobody tell Clark Gregg Continue reading…

Resident Evil Village walkthrough part 14: Place the flasks and Heisenberg’s Factory

about 22 hours ago

Image: Capcom via Polygon Find Heisenberg and (start to) Escape the Factory...

Hitman 3’s Pride DLC will include new updates all month

about 22 hours ago

Image: IO Interactive Hitman’s second deadly sin has arrived Continue reading…