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Get Started with Amazon S3 Event Driven Design Patterns

14 minutes ago

Event driven programs use events to initiate succeeding steps in a process...

Field Notes: Set Up a Highly Available Database on AWS with IBM Db2 Pacemaker

3 days ago

Many AWS customers need to run mission-critical workloads—like traffic control system, online...

Build Your Own Game Day to Support Operational Resilience

4 days ago

Operational resilience is your firm’s ability to provide continuous service through people...

Optimizing your AWS Infrastructure for Sustainability, Part II: Storage

5 days ago

In Part I of this series, we introduced you to strategies to...

Detect Adversary Behavior in Seconds with CrowdStrike and Amazon EventBridge

6 days ago

By integrating Amazon EventBridge with Falcon Horizon, CrowdStrike has developed a real-time...

What to Consider when Selecting a Region for your Workloads

7 days ago

The AWS Cloud is an ever-growing network of Regions and points of...

Field Notes: Tracking Overall Equipment Effectiveness with AWS IoT Analytics and Amazon QuickSight

10 days ago

This post was co-written with Michael Brown, Senior Solutions Architect, Manufacturing at...

Optimizing Cloud Infrastructure Cost and Performance with Starburst on AWS

10 days ago

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud is elastic, convenient to use, easy to...

Disaster Recovery (DR) for a Third-party Interactive Voice Response on AWS

11 days ago

Voice calling systems are prevalent and necessary to many businesses today. They...

Speed Up Translation Jobs with a Fully Automated Translation System Assistant

12 days ago

Like other industries, translation and localization companies face the challenge of providing...

Field Notes: How to Enable Cross-Account Access for Amazon Kinesis Data Streams using Kinesis Client Library 2.x

13 days ago

Businesses today are dealing with vast amounts of real-time data they need...

How The Mill Adventure Implemented Event Sourcing at Scale Using DynamoDB

14 days ago

This post was co-written by Joao Dias, Chief Architect at The Mill...