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Last updated 13 days ago

The Math of Being a Pig - Numberphile

13 days ago

Featuring Ben Sparks Check out https://www.kiwico.com/Numberphile and get 50% off your first...

Eureka Sequences - Numberphile

28 days ago

OEIS founder Neil Sloane with more sequences to ponder - of course...

The Levine Sequence - Numberphile

about 1 month ago

Neil Sloane from the OEIS has another number sequence which escalates quickly...

Nightingale Diagrams - Numberphile

about 2 months ago

Professor Mike Merrifield discusses diagrams popularized by Florence Nightingale Check out Brilliant...

Cuneiform Numbers - Numberphile

about 2 months ago

Alex Bellos discusses how numbers were written in ancient Cuneiform More links...

All the World's Coronavirus fits in a Coke Can - Numberphile

2 months ago

Kit Yates explains how he calculated that all the SARS-CoV-2 in the...

Gabriel's Horn Paradox - Numberphile

3 months ago

Featuring Tom Crawford Check out Brilliant (get 20% off their premium service):...

Annoying Puzzles (and Cognitive Reflection Problems) - Numberphile

3 months ago

This video features Tim Harford Check out Brilliant (get 20% off their...

A proof that e is irrational - Numberphile

4 months ago

Professor Ed Copeland shows a proof by Joseph "Voldemort" Fourier that e...

Quasiperfect Numbers with Eric Lander - Numberphile

4 months ago

Eric Lander discusses how quasiperfect numbers gave him a start More links...

The Drag Equation (Empire State Building v Eiffel Tower) - Numberphile

4 months ago

Tom Crawford discusses drag - then we drop the Empire State Building...

Butterflies and Gyroids - Numberphile

5 months ago

Dr Sabetta Matsumoto discusses some of the mathematics of colour in nature...