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Last updated over 1 year ago

Fossils from Mongolia, Argentina show some dinosaurs laid soft-shelled eggs

over 1 year ago

Scientists have unearthed the first fossils of soft-shelled eggs laid by dinosaurs...

Antarctica's 'deflated football' fossil is world's second-biggest egg

over 1 year ago

A mysterious 68-million-year-old fossil found on Seymour Island off Antarctica's coast that...

China postpones Beidou satellite launch over technical problem

over 1 year ago

China indefinitely postponed on Tuesday the launch of the final satellite of...

KBR wins $570 million contract for NASA spaceflight operations

over 1 year ago

Houston-based engineering company KBR Inc said on Monday it was awarded a...

Researchers in Thailand testing horseshoe bats for coronavirus

over 1 year ago

Researchers in Thailand began collecting samples from horseshoe bats to test them...

Baby dragons take their bow in a Slovenian cave

over 1 year ago

Three rare aquatic creatures known as baby dragons are going on display...

China set to complete Beidou network rivalling GPS in global navigation

over 1 year ago

The Chinese Beidou navigation network will be complete this month when its...

Researchers in Chile unearth 74 million year old mammal teeth

over 1 year ago

Chilean and Argentine researchers have unearthed teeth in far-flung Patagonia belonging to...

Tiny 13,500-year-old bird statuette shows origins of Chinese art

over 1 year ago

A tiny statuette of a bird carved from burnt bone about 13,500...

Scientists create embryo-like research model from human stem cells

over 1 year ago

Scientists have used human embryonic stem cells to create an embryo-like research...

World's largest green turtle colony nearly twice as big as thought

over 1 year ago

The world's largest population of nesting green turtles is nearly twice as...

Russia's space chief complains about American jokes

over 1 year ago

Americans should show more respect for Russia's space program after relying on...