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Last updated 3 months ago

Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud, 2nd Edition

3 months ago

Eight years ago I wrote _Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud_ (aka...

LISA2019 Linux Systems Performance

8 months ago

Systems performance is an effective discipline for performance analysis and tuning, and...

BPF Theremin, Tetris, and Typewriters

10 months ago

For my AWS re:Invent talk on BPF Performance Analysis at Netflix, I...

BPF: A New Type of Software

11 months ago

At Netflix we have 15 BPF programs running on cloud servers by...

Two kernel mysteries and the most technical talk I've ever seen

about 1 year ago

If you start digging into Linux kernel internals, like function disassembly and...

BPF Performance Tools: Linux System and Application Observability (book)

over 1 year ago

BPF (eBPF) tracing is a superpower that can analyze everything, and I'll...

YOW! 2018 Cloud Performance Root Cause Analysis at Netflix

over 1 year ago

For the YOW! Conference Australia 2018 tour I had the opportunity to...

Learn eBPF Tracing: Tutorial and Examples

almost 2 years ago

At the Linux Plumber's conference there were at least 24 talks on...

FlameScope Pattern Recognition

almost 2 years ago

Flamescope is a new open source performance visualization tool that uses [subsecond...

bpftrace (DTrace 2.0) for Linux 2018

about 2 years ago

The private bpftrace repository has just been made public, which is big...

Evaluating the Evaluation: Benchmarking Checklist

over 2 years ago

A co-worker introduced me to Craig Hanson and Pat Crain's performance mantras...

Linux bcc/eBPF tcpdrop

over 2 years ago

While debugging a production issue of kernel-based TCP packet drops, I remembered...