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Last updated 15 days ago

Vote in person if you can

15 days ago

[If you’re not American, or you’re American but a masochist who enjoys...

My second podcast with Lex Fridman

17 days ago

Here it is—enjoy We recorded it a month ago—outdoors (for obvious covid...

On the destruction of America’s best high school

25 days ago

[C]hildren with special abilities and skills need to be nourished and encouraged...

Agent 3203.7: Guest post by Eliezer Yudkowsky

about 1 month ago

In his day, Agent 3203.7 had stopped people from trying to kill...

In a world like this one, take every ally you can get

about 1 month ago

For the past few months, I’ve alternated between periods of debilitating depression...

My Utility+ podcast with Matthew Putman

about 2 months ago

Thanks so much to Shtetl-Optimized readers, so far we’ve raised $1,371 for...

My new motto

about 2 months ago

The Right could only kill me and everyone I know.The Left is...

Seven announcements

3 months ago

Good news, everyone! Following years of requests, this blog finally supports rich...

The Busy Beaver Frontier

3 months ago

A life that was all covid, cancellations, and Trump, all desperate rearguard...

Is this blog obsolete?

3 months ago

Longtime friend-of-the-blog Michael Nielsen, formerly a quantum computing theorist and now an...

My Enlightenment fanaticism

4 months ago

If there were ever a time for liberals and progressives to put...

Scott’s Zoom tip: Email the link!

4 months ago

Like many academics, I’ve now been regularly “attending” conferences and giving talks...