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Last updated 11 days ago

Communicating with Interactive Articles

11 days ago

Examining the design of interactive articles by synthesizing theory from disciplines such...

Thread: Differentiable Self-organizing Systems

26 days ago

A collection of articles and comments with the goal of understanding how...

Self-classifying MNIST Digits

26 days ago

Training an end-to-end differentiable, self-organising cellular automata for classifying MNIST digits.

Curve Detectors

3 months ago

Part one in a three part deep exploration into a neuron family.

Exploring Bayesian Optimization

5 months ago

How to tune hyperparameters for your machine learning model using Bayesian optimization.

Thread: Circuits

6 months ago

What can we learn if we invest heavily in reverse engineering a...

Visualizing Neural Networks with the Grand Tour

6 months ago

By focusing on linear dimensionality reduction, we show how to visualize many...

Zoom In: An Introduction to Circuits

7 months ago

By studying the connections between neurons, we can find meaningful algorithms in...

Growing Cellular Automata

7 months ago

Differentiable Self-Organisation: Cellular Automata model of Morphogenesis.

Visualizing the Impact of Feature Attribution Baselines

8 months ago

Exploring the baseline input hyperparameter, and how it impacts interpretations of neural...

Computing Receptive Fields of Convolutional Neural Networks

11 months ago

Detailed derivations and open-source code to analyze the receptive fields of convnets.