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Last updated about 9 hours ago

AWS Launches Amazon DevOps Guru

about 9 hours ago

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently introduced Amazon DevOps Guru, one of several...

Podcast: Doug Maarschalk on Self-determination Theory and Creating Motivational Culture

about 12 hours ago

In this podcast recorded at the Agile Christchurch conference, Shane Hastie, Lead...

AWS Transfer Family Introduces Support for EFS

about 18 hours ago

AWS has recently introduced support for Amazon EFS as a data store...

Article: How Teams Can Overcome the Security Challenges of Agile Web App Development

1 day ago

Is the rapid pace of continuous rollouts making it too easy for...

Presentation: Service Mesh: Past, Present and Future

2 days ago

Idit Levine discusses the unique opportunities presented in service mesh for multi-cluster...

Sysdig: Container Security Shifting Left, Docker Usage Shrinking

2 days ago

Sysdig 2021 container security and usage report highlights a trend for container...

Presentation: Being Secure by Default

2 days ago

Dan Abel discusses how they have changed their culture and built confidence...

Mini book: The InfoQ eMag: Managing Observability, Resilience, and Complexity within Distributed Systems

3 days ago

This eMag helps you reflect on the subject of reducing complexity within...

Building an Intentional Organisation: a Holistic Approach

3 days ago

Building an intentional organisation requires a mindset that considers all organisational building...

Experiences from a Testing Tour of Pairing and Learning

4 days ago

Being a solo tester on a team, Parveen Khan decided to do...

Embracing Observability in Distributed Systems at InfoQ Live (Virtual Event on Feb 16th)

5 days ago

InfoQ Live, the one-day virtual event designed for the modern software practitioner...

AI Models from Google and Microsoft Exceed Human Performance on Language Understanding Benchmark

6 days ago

Research teams from Google and Microsoft have recently developed natural language processing...