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Java, SQL and jOOQ.

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Last updated about 2 months ago

Emulating SQL FILTER with Oracle JSON Aggregate Functions

about 2 months ago

A cool standard SQL:2003 feature is the aggregate FILTER clause, which is...

Getting Top 1 Values Per Group in Oracle

5 months ago

I’ve blogged about generic ways of getting top 1 or top n...

An Efficient Way to Check for Existence of Multiple Values in SQL

5 months ago

In a previous blog post, we’ve advertised the use of SQL EXISTS...

A Hidden Benefit of Implicit Joins: Join Elimination

6 months ago

One of jOOQ’s key features so far has always been to render...

jOOQ 3.19’s new Explicit and Implicit to-many path joins

7 months ago

jOOQ 3.19 finally delivers on a set of features that will greatly...

Workaround for MySQL’s “can’t specify target table for update in FROM clause” Error

7 months ago

In MySQL, you cannot do this: The UPDATE statement will raise an...

Maven Coordinates of the most popular JDBC Drivers

7 months ago

Do you need to add a JDBC driver to your application, and...

To DAO or not to DAO

8 months ago

jOOQ’s DAO API is one of jOOQ’s most controversial features. When it...

JDBC Connection URLs of the Most Popular RDBMS

8 months ago

Need to connect to your RDBMS with JDBC and don’t have the...

How to Generate Package Private Code with jOOQ’s Code Generator

about 1 year ago

Java’s package private visibility is an underrated feature. When you omit any...

How to Pass a Table Valued Parameter to a T-SQL Function with jOOQ

about 1 year ago

Microsoft T-SQL supports a language feature called table-valued parameter (TVP), which is...