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Last updated 1 day ago

Moving beyond agile to become a software innovator

1 day ago

Companies need to borrow a page from the tech industry’s playbook to...

A playbook for newly minted private equity portfolio-company CEOs

1 day ago

Unprecedented private equity deal flow means more leaders than ever are stepping...

How data and analytics are redefining excellence in P&C underwriting

2 days ago

Most P&amp;C insurers in Europe and North America are investing in data...

The rise of digital marketing in medtech

2 days ago

Digital marketing offers medtech companies powerful ways to personalize engagement with healthcare...

Curbing methane emissions: How five industries can counter a major climate threat

3 days ago

Methane accounts for about one-third of global warming. New McKinsey research shows...

The new marketing model for growth: How CPGs can crack the code

3 days ago

A sophisticated, predictive, and customized new marketing agenda is enabling CPG marketers...

Emerging markets leap forward in digital banking innovation and adoption

3 days ago

As consumer use of digital banking accelerates in Asia–Pacific, the region’s emerging...

A turning point for US auto dealers: The unstoppable electric car

3 days ago

Electric-vehicle sales are surging, transforming every aspect of the business. Our assessment...

How many people are really needed in a transformation?

3 days ago

Deciding how many employees to involve in an organization’s transformation shouldn’t be...

C2C e-commerce: Could a new business model sell more old goods?

3 days ago

Like other e-commerce but with less fanfare, C2C trade has expanded during...

Banking on the ‘soft stuff’

3 days ago

The lessons of transforming performance at one midsize US bank came down...

Four ways pharma companies can make their supply chains more resilient

3 days ago

Pharmaceutical supply chains have become global and complex. With more outsourcing, new...