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Last updated about 19 hours ago

Click Chemotherapy

about 19 hours ago

So here’s an ambitious idea that’s about to get a hearing in...

More Antibody Data

2 days ago

Unfortunately, we’re getting a dose these days of “That’s why you run...

Are Medicinal Chemists Taking It Too Easy?

6 days ago

I was speaking to a university audience the other day (over Zoom...

The Vaccine Tightrope

8 days ago

We’re getting closer to having to deal with a number of tricky...

The Machines Rise a Bit More

9 days ago

Here’s a new paper in Nature on computer-generated synthesis of natural products...


13 days ago

OK, we have some more to think about this morning. The large...

Immunity and Re-Infection

15 days ago

For months now, people have been watching closely to see if it’s...

Another Vaccine Trial Halt

16 days ago

The first advice is “Don’t panic”. You will have heard that last...

Hard Data on Remdesivir, and on Hydroxychlorquine

20 days ago

Let’s catch up with some things that (by this point) feel a...

A Nobel for CRISPR

22 days ago

The 2020 Chemistry Nobel has gone to Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier...

The Sad (and Saddening) History of Makena

23 days ago

Longtime readers (and longtime drug industry folks!) may remember the Makena story...

The President’s Coronavirus Treatment

24 days ago

I’ve had emails asking me what I think about President Trump’s illness...