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Last updated about 12 hours ago

WarGames for real: How one 1983 exercise nearly triggered WWIII

about 12 hours ago

Update, 11/29/20: It's a very different Thanksgiving weekend here in 2020, but...

David Prowse, the original Darth Vader, is dead at 85

about 14 hours ago

David Prowse as Darth Vader and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia filming...

Surprising Cretaceous bird fossil has toucan-like beak

about 15 hours ago

Enlarge / Artist's depiction of Falcatakely forsterae. (credit: Mark Witton) Given the...

The ungentle joy of spider sex

about 15 hours ago

Enlarge / Look carefully into the spider's two largest eyes and you...

How to With John Wilson is the year’s best nature documentary

about 16 hours ago

How to With John Wilson airs Fridays on HBO At this point,...

How many turkey feathers does it take to make an ancient blanket? 11,500

1 day ago

Enlarge / A segment of fiber cord that has been wrapped with...

A mildly insane idea for disabling the coronavirus

1 day ago

Enlarge / Diagram of the structure of the virus' spike protein. (credit...

That time Roger Ebert said games will never be as worthy as movies

1 day ago

Enlarge / Film critics Roger Ebert (center) and Gene Siskel appear on...

Linus Torvalds doubts Linux will get ported to Apple M1 hardware

1 day ago

Enlarge / It would be great to see Linux running and fully...

Apple’s M1 MacBook Air has that Apple Silicon magic

1 day ago

Enlarge / Hey, my macro lens still works! (credit: Lee Hutchinson) The...

Review: Fatman’s concept is better than its execution, but it’s still kinda fun

2 days ago

Enlarge / Mel Gibson plays Chris Cringle, a disillusioned Christmas shopkeeper in...

Facebook’s Libra currency to launch next year in limited format

2 days ago

Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto | Getty Images) The long-awaited Facebook-led digital currency Libra...