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Last updated 25 minutes ago

Google delays FLoC rollout until 2023

39 minutes ago

Enlarge / Vivaldi's graphic on FLoC. (credit: Vivaldi) Google has delayed its...

DirectStorage on Windows 11: Next-gen gaming performance, with PC requirements

about 1 hour ago

Enlarge / Xbox interface on Windows 11. (credit: Microsoft) Like many of...

Review: Lupin Part 2’s many twists and reveals will delight show’s fans

about 2 hours ago

Enlarge / Omar Sy returns as Assane Diop, who seeks to avenge...

Windows 11 is much more than a new theme slapped onto Windows 10

about 2 hours ago

Enlarge / The latest Windows focuses heavily on improved task management, prettier...

Hyundai’s 2022 Tucson Hybrid is a charming and efficient crossover

about 8 hours ago

Hyundai describes the styling of the 2022 Tucson Hybrid as "Parametric Dynamics."...

Fast 9 film review: Fast and furious enough, but buckle up for potholes

about 10 hours ago

Every Fast & Furious film has at least one stand-out car-brand showdown,...

A quick-start guide to OpenZFS native encryption

about 22 hours ago

Enlarge / On-disk encryption is a complex topic, but this article should...

Physicists show that flying beer coasters will flip 0.45 seconds into flight

about 23 hours ago

Enlarge / University of Bonn physicists were inspired to investigate the aerodynamics...

Supreme Court backs cheerleader over school that punished her for Snapchat post

about 23 hours ago

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | stockcam) The Supreme Court today ruled in...

John McAfee, the eccentric AV tycoon dead at 75 by apparent suicide

about 24 hours ago

Enlarge / John McAfee on his yacht off the coast of Cuba...

Apple exec: “Sideloading in this case is actually eliminating choice”

1 day ago

Enlarge / The iPhone 12 mini. (credit: Samuel Axon) Apple, facing calls...

Who could know we’re here on Earth?

1 day ago

Enlarge / This is what Earth looks like from within the Solar...