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Last updated 3 days ago

What It Means to Grow Up, What It Means to Have Grown

3 days ago

A poetic antidote to despair by way of delight “True adulthood,” Toni...

Marcus Aurelius in Love: The Future Stoic Philosopher and Roman Emperor’s Passionate Teenage Love Letters to His Tutor

4 days ago

“Those who love less should be helped out and lavished with more.”...

The Poetics of Outer Toughness and Inner Tenderness: Gorgeous 19th-Century Engravings of Cacti

8 days ago

A succulent serenade to the elegant geometry of spiny splendor Among the...

William Godwin on the Advantages of the Multilingual Mind

10 days ago

How the ability to call your idea “by various names, borrowed from...

The Moral of Flowers: An Illustrated Victorian Encyclopedia of Poetic Lessons from the Garden

14 days ago

From the sensuous honeysuckle to the humble daisy, a lyrical journey to...

How to Live and How to Die

18 days ago

“Leave something of sweetness and substance in the mouth of the world.”...

Patti Smith on Libraries and the Transformative Love of Books

18 days ago

On books, bronchitis, and a mother’s “sympathetic exasperation.” “Libraries are sanctuaries from...

The Heartbreak of Hans Christian Andersen

20 days ago

Of turning sorrow into song Harriet Hosmer — whose remarkable forgotten story...

A Curious Herbal: Gorgeous Illustrations from Elizabeth Blackwell’s 18th-Century Encyclopedia of Medicinal Botany

22 days ago

Time-travel to the dawn of modern medical science via the stunning art...

Virginia Woolf on Why We Read and What Great Works of Art Have in Common

28 days ago

“Our minds are all threaded together… Any live mind today is of...