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Last updated about 5 hours ago

The Gifted Listener: Composer Aaron Copland on Honing Your Talent for Listening to Music

about 5 hours ago

“There are few pleasures in art greater than the secure sense that...

Richard Powers on the Courage to Compose the World We Want to Live In

5 days ago

“This fluke, single, huge, cross-indexed, thermodynamic experiment of a story that the...

Bridging the Island Universes of Our Experience: Aldous Huxley on Making Sense of Ourselves and Each Other

8 days ago

“To see ourselves as others see us is a most salutary gift...

The Blue Horses of Our Destiny: Artist Franz Marc, the Wisdom of Animals, and the Fight of Beauty Against Brutality

9 days ago

Tragedy and transcendence in the search for the spiritual in nature “Do...

The Jazz of Trees: The Fascinating Science of Improvisation, Reiteration, and Phoenix Regeneration

14 days ago

“Potentially, every tree is immortal.” Hermann Hesse believed that if we could...

How to Feel More Alive Each Day and Night: A Cosmic Nightwalk with Derek Jarman

17 days ago

“Here man has invented the heavens but the moon, not to be...

Chekhov on the Ultimate Task of Art and How (Not) to Be a Writer

17 days ago

On solving problems vs. posing questions It is a truism that the...

Bob Dylan on Emotion, Vulnerability as the Price of Integrity, and Music as an Instrument of Truth

21 days ago

“You must be vulnerable to be sensitive to reality. And to me...

What Is a River: An Illustrated Reverence Between the Encyclopedic and the Poetic

23 days ago

A painted landscape of fact and feeling along the flow of existence...