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Last updated 3 days ago

Nabisco Workers Return To Their Jobs Following 5-Week Strike

3 days ago

Their union successfully resisted an inferior health care plan but agreed to...

New California Law Targets Amazon Warehouse Production Quotas

3 days ago

AB 701, which is the first legislation of its kind in the...

Biden Pursues New Regulation To Protect Workers From Extreme Heat

6 days ago

Employers would be obligated to follow the rule from the Occupational Safety...

‘I Feel Used’: OnlyFans Made Millions Off Sex Workers’ Labor, Then Hung Them Out To Dry

about 1 month ago

A sudden policy change that will ban "sexually explicit" material from OnlyFans...

The Nabisco Workers Who Make Your Oreos And Ritz Crackers Are On Strike

about 1 month ago

Nabisco parent company Mondelez wants to do away with workers' premium pay...

Jay Cutler Speaks Out On Uber Eats Dropping Him For Opposing School Mask Mandates

about 1 month ago

The former NFL star tweeted that he'd "lost a commercial" after expressing...

Unchecked Climate Change Will Be Hell On Outdoor Workers

about 1 month ago

A new analysis forecasts the number of U.S. outdoor sector workdays and...

Home Depot Discriminated Against Worker For Black Lives Matter Support, NLRB Alleges

about 1 month ago

The complaint says Home Depot management threatened workers with "unspecified consequences" for...

United Becomes First Major Airline To Require Employee Vaccination

about 2 months ago

The company says the bulk of its workers have already received their...

Yelp Will Let You Search For Businesses That Require Vaccination

about 2 months ago

The site will note which establishments require their workers to be vaccinated...

Amazon Broke Law And Should Face New Union Election, Labor Official Finds

about 2 months ago

A hearing examiner for the National Labor Relations Board said Amazon tainted...

A Thousand Coal Miners Are Still On Strike After 4 Months

about 2 months ago

The miners of Warrior Met in Alabama say they're determined to win...