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Last updated about 7 hours ago

Integrated platform for multiscale molecular imaging and phenotyping of the human brain | Science

about 11 hours ago

Understanding cellular architectures and their connectivity is essential for interrogating system function...

Artemisinins ameliorate polycystic ovarian syndrome by mediating LONP1-CYP11A1 interaction | Science

about 11 hours ago

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a prevalent reproductive disorder in women of reproductive...

Metabolic inflexibility promotes mitochondrial health during liver regeneration | Science

about 11 hours ago

Mitochondria are critical for proper organ function and mechanisms to promote mitochondrial...

A phage tail–like bacteriocin suppresses competitors in metapopulations of pathogenic bacteria | Science

about 11 hours ago

Bacteria can repurpose their own bacteriophage viruses (phage) to kill competing bacteria...

App developed with Indigenous trackers helps almost anyone monitor wildlife

about 10 hours ago

CyberTracker is now used by local communities and conservationists around the world

In Science Journals | Science

about 13 hours ago

Highlights from the Science family of journals

A neuroscientist’s duty to Black ancestors | Science

about 13 hours ago

HomeScienceVol. 384, No. 6701A neuroscientist’s duty to Black ancestorsBack To Vol. 384...

Spectrally engineered textile for radiative cooling against urban heat islands | Science

about 13 hours ago

Radiative cooling textiles hold promise for achieving personal thermal comfort under increasing...

In vivo editing of lung stem cells for durable gene correction in mice | Science

about 13 hours ago

In vivo genome correction holds promise for generating durable disease cures; yet...

Digitalization paving the ways for sustainable chemistry: switching on more green lights | Science

about 13 hours ago

The world is facing an interconnected crisis caused by a variety of...

In Other Journals | Science

about 13 hours ago

Editors’ selections from the current scientific literature