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Last updated 3 months ago

TrickBot BazarLoader In-Depth

6 months ago

Ofer Caspi, a fellow Alien Labs researcher, co-authored this blog Executive Summary...

A HIPAA Compliance Checklist

7 months ago

Five steps to ensuring the protection of patient data and ongoing risk...

Slack phishing attacks using webhooks

8 months ago

Background Slack is a cloud-based messaging platform that is commonly used in...

The Power of Community to Fight COVID-19 Cyber Threats

8 months ago

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the current...

SIEM and security monitoring for Kubernetes explained

8 months ago

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source system for...

Sharepoint vulnerability exploited in the wild

8 months ago

The CVE-2019-0604 (Sharepoint) exploit and what you need to know AT&T Alien...

Why should you use correlation rules on top of traditional signatures?

10 months ago

The AT&T Cybersecurity Alien Labs team is in charge of writing correlation...

Alien Labs 2019 Analysis of Threat Groups Molerats and APT-C-37

11 months ago

In 2019, several industry analyst reports confused the threat groups Molerats and...

AT&T Alien Labs analysis of an active cryptomining worm

11 months ago

This blog post provides an overview of the AT&T Alien Labs™ technical...

Google Cloud Platform security monitoring with USM Anywhere™

12 months ago

According to a 2019 Cyber Security Report published by the International Information...

The “Great Cannon” Has Been Deployed Again

12 months ago

Summary The Great Cannon is a distributed denial of service tool (“DDoS”)...

A HIPAA Compliance Checklist for 2020

about 1 year ago

Five steps to ensuring the protection of patient data and ongoing risk...