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Last updated 1 day ago

Changing the Chrome on iOS User Agent for Request Desktop Site

about 1 month ago

Chrome on iOS sends two different User-Agent strings, depending on the version...

Chrome 86: Improved Focus Highlighting, WebHID, and More

about 2 months ago

Unless otherwise noted, changes described below apply to the newest Chrome beta...

Giving users and developers more control over focus

about 2 months ago

Chrome 86 introduces two new features that improve both the user and...

A safer and more private browsing experience on Android with Secure DNS

about 2 months ago

With Chrome 85, we are extending support of Secure DNS in Chrome...

Chrome just got faster with Profile Guided Optimization

about 2 months ago

From the very beginning, we built Chrome to be the fastest browser...

Protecting Google Chrome users from insecure forms

2 months ago

Beginning in M86, Chrome will warn users when they try to complete...

Highlighting great user experiences on the mobile web

2 months ago

Over the last decade, Chrome and the web development community have worked...

Helping people spot the spoofs: a URL experiment

2 months ago

On today’s web, URLs remain the primary way users determine the identity...