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Last updated 14 days ago

Fighting cookie theft using device bound sessions

14 days ago

Cookies – small files created by sites you visit – are fundamental...

Speedometer 3: Building a benchmark that represents the web

about 1 month ago

Today’s The Fast and the Curious post covers the release of Speedometer...

Optimizing Safe Browsing checks in Chrome

2 months ago

Balancing security and usability is always top of mind for us as...

Chromium Issue Tracker migration is complete

2 months ago

We are thrilled to share that Chromium issue tracking has migrated! Access...

Chromium Issue Tracker migration beginning Feb 2, 2024 at 5pm PST

2 months ago

As we shared last year, Chromium is moving to a different issue...

A new way to seamlessly browse across devices with Chrome on iOS

5 months ago

Whether you’re browsing the web on your PC at home or on...

How Core Web Vitals saved users 10,000 years of waiting for web pages to load

5 months ago

Today’s The Fast and the Curious post explores how Core Web Vitals...

Update to Developers: Chromium Issue Tracker migration

6 months ago

Chromium is moving to a different issue tracker to provide a well-supported...

Unlocking the power of TLS certificate automation for a safer and more reliable Internet

6 months ago

TL;DR: Automated certificate issuance and management strengthens the underlying security assurances provided...

Unveiling the Chrome Web Store's Redesign

7 months ago

In celebration of Chrome’s 15th birthday, we’re thrilled to introduce the redesigned...

Towards HTTPS by default

8 months ago

For the past several years, more than 90% of Chrome users' navigations...

Protecting Chrome Traffic with Hybrid Kyber KEM

8 months ago

Teams across Google are working hard to prepare the web for the...