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Last updated about 5 hours ago

‘Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe’ Revitalizes the Ruthless Platformers

about 5 hours ago

Angry Video Game Nerd I &amp; II Deluxe brings the challenging pair...

‘Pixel Puzzle Makeout League’ – Charming Puzzles & Close Connections

about 9 hours ago

Combining new elements into visual novels is a great way to invigorate...

‘Murder House’ Sees a Violent Easter Bunny Stalk a News Crew

2 days ago

Murder House follows a news crew as they enter an abandoned home...

‘Re:Turn’ Finds Horrors Past & Present in a Haunted Train

2 days ago

In Re:Turn – One Way Trip, a post-graduation vacation goes a bit...

Trailer Tuesday – Clumsy Mind Service

3 days ago

We manage a bee hive with some friends, help a man shave...

‘Dread X Collection 3’ Mingles Cute & Creepy For its Frights

4 days ago

Dread X Collection 3 shows that adorable things can still offer jarring...

‘Romancelvania’ Developers Talk About Creating Good (Monster) Romance

7 days ago

Romancelvania sees Dracula finding love in many different monstrous places, so we...

Trailer Thursday – Imagined Floor Week

8 days ago

Trailer Thursday has us helping bears roll around to eat food, making...

‘Stone House Orphanage’ Offers Great Chills During a Brief Investigation

9 days ago

Stone House Orphanage sees you looking for some missing children, trying to...

‘Amnesia: Rebirth’ Juggles Pregnancy and Dodging Unspeakable Horrors

10 days ago

Amnesia: Rebirth aims to terrify with its monstrosities that are out to...

‘Hero Hours Contract’ Fights For Union Rights for Magical Girls

11 days ago

Hero Hours Contract sees you striving to improve the lives of some...

‘Prodigal’ Charms With its Small Town, Daring Adventures, & Marriage

14 days ago

Combining a Zelda-like adventure, puzzles, and a small-town aesthetic with marriage candidates...