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Julia Evans

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Last updated 14 days ago

Entering text in the terminal is complicated

14 days ago

The other day I asked what folks on Mastodon find confusing about...

Reasons to use your shell's job control

19 days ago

Hello! Today someone on Mastodon asked about job control (fg, bg, Ctrl+z...

New zine: How Git Works!

about 2 months ago

Hello! I’ve been writing about git on here nonstop for months, and...

Notes on git's error messages

3 months ago

While writing about Git, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks struggle...

Making crochet cacti

4 months ago

I noticed some tech bloggers I follow have been making April Cools...

The "current branch" in git

4 months ago

Hello! I know I just wrote a blog post about HEAD in...

How HEAD works in git

5 months ago

Hello! The other day I ran a Mastodon poll asking people how...

Popular git config options

5 months ago

Hello! I always wish that command line tools came with data about...

Dealing with diverged git branches

6 months ago

Hello! One of the most common problems I see folks struggling with...

Inside .git

6 months ago

Hello! I posted a comic on Mastodon this week about what’s in...

Do we think of git commits as diffs, snapshots, and/or histories?

7 months ago

Hello! I’ve been extremely slowly trying to figure how to explain every...