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Julia Evans

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Latest posts

Last updated 1 day ago

New tool: an nginx playground

2 days ago

Hello! On Wednesday I was talking to a friend about how it...

Teaching by filling in knowledge gaps

6 days ago

Hello! This post (like patterns in confusing explanations) is another one in...

Debugging by starting a REPL at a breakpoint is fun

10 days ago

Hello! I was talking to a Python programmer friend yesterday about debugging...

Quadratic algorithms are slow (and hashmaps are fast)

16 days ago

Hello! I was talking to a friend yesterday who was studying for...

Patterns in confusing explanations

about 1 month ago

Hello! Recently I’ve been thinking about why I explain things the way...

Write good examples by starting with real code

3 months ago

When I write about programming, I spend a lot of time trying...

Reasons why bugs might feel "impossible"

4 months ago

Hello! I’m very slowly working on writing a zine about debugging, so...

You can now buy print version of my zines!

4 months ago

Hello! Quick announcement: I opened a new print zine store last week...

Blog about what you've struggled with

4 months ago

I was talking to Jemma recently about what stops people from blogging...

How to look at the stack with gdb

4 months ago

I was chatting with someone yesterday and they mentioned that they don’t...

What is the OSI model?

5 months ago

Today I tweeted something about how the OSI model doesn’t correspond that...

I put all of my comics online!

5 months ago

Hello! As you probably know, I write a lot of comics about...