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Julia Evans

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Latest posts

Last updated 2 months ago

Wizard Zines' first print run: Help! I have a Manager!

2 months ago

Hello! For the first time, Wizard Zines is doing a ★★print shipment★★...

Implementing 'focus and reply' for Fastmail with JMAP

2 months ago

Last month I switched my email to Fastmail. One fun thing about...

Some more CSS comics

2 months ago

I’ve been continuing to write pages about CSS! Here are 6 more...

An attempt to make a font look more handwritten

3 months ago

I’m actually not super happy with the results of this experiment, but...

Some possible future zines

3 months ago

Hello! I’ve been thinking about what zines I want to write in...

Some CSS comics

3 months ago

Hello! I’ve been writing some comics about CSS this past week, and...

When your coworker does great work, tell their manager

3 months ago

I’ve been thinking recently about anti-racism and what it looks like to...

scanimage: scan from the command line!

3 months ago

Here’s another quick post about a command line tool I was delighted...

Twitter summary from 2020 so far

3 months ago

Hello! I post a lot of things on Twitter and it’s basically...

saturday comics: a weekly mailing list of programming comics

4 months ago

Hello! This post is about a mailing list (Saturday Comics) that I...

Tell candidates what to expect from your job interviews

4 months ago

In my last job, I helped with a few projects (like brag...

entr: rerun your build when files change

4 months ago

This is going to be a pretty quick post – I found...