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Last updated 21 days ago

Synthesis of medicinally relevant oxalylamines via copper/Lewis acid synergistic catalysis

21 days ago

Allylamines have long been recognized as valuable synthons because of their excellent...

Multiform antimicrobial resistance from a metabolic mutation

21 days ago

A critical challenge for microbiology and medicine is how to cure infections...

No ordinary proteins: Adsorption and molecular orientation of monoclonal antibodies

21 days ago

The interaction of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with air/water interfaces plays a crucial...

High-purity production and precise editing of DNA base editing ribonucleoproteins

21 days ago

Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex–mediated base editing is expected to be greatly beneficial because...

Environmental vulnerability of the global ocean epipelagic plankton community interactome

21 days ago

Marine plankton form complex communities of interacting organisms at the base of...

Sustained oxygenation accelerates diabetic wound healing by promoting epithelialization and angiogenesis and decreasing inflammation

21 days ago

Nonhealing diabetic wounds are common complications for diabetic patients. Because chronic hypoxia...

Histone citrullination by PADI4 is required for HIF-dependent transcriptional responses to hypoxia and tumor vascularization

21 days ago

Hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs) activate transcription of target genes by recruiting coactivators and...

Lamin B1 sequesters 53BP1 to control its recruitment to DNA damage

21 days ago

Double-strand breaks (DSBs) are harmful lesions and a major cause of genome...

Basal nucleation and the prevalence of ascending swarms in Long Valley caldera

21 days ago

Earthquake swarms are ubiquitous in volcanic systems, being manifestations of underlying nontectonic...

Genome-wide synthetic lethal screen unveils novel CAIX-NFS1/xCT axis as a targetable vulnerability in hypoxic solid tumors

21 days ago

The metabolic mechanisms involved in the survival of tumor cells within the...

Synchronous and opponent thermosensors use flexible cross-inhibition to orchestrate thermal homeostasis

21 days ago

Body temperature homeostasis is essential and reliant upon the integration of outputs...

An epigenetic basis of inbreeding depression in maize

21 days ago

Inbreeding depression is widespread across plant and animal kingdoms and may arise...