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Last updated 3 days ago

Unraveling why we sleep: Quantitative analysis reveals abrupt transition from neural reorganization to repair in early development

3 days ago

Sleep serves disparate functions, most notably neural repair, metabolite clearance and circuit...

Postweaning maternal care increases male chimpanzee reproductive success

3 days ago

Humans are unusual among animals for continuing to provision and care for...

Intermolecular vibrations mediate ultrafast singlet fission

3 days ago

Singlet fission is a spin-allowed exciton multiplication process in organic semiconductors that...

Single-molecule imaging reveals control of parental histone recycling by free histones during DNA replication

3 days ago

During replication, nucleosomes are disrupted ahead of the replication fork, followed by...

Human footprints provide snapshot of last interglacial ecology in the Arabian interior

3 days ago

The nature of human dispersals out of Africa has remained elusive because...

Structural insights into ADP-ribosylation of ubiquitin by Deltex family E3 ubiquitin ligases

3 days ago

Cellular cross-talk between ubiquitination and other posttranslational modifications contributes to the regulation...

Fingerprint of volcanic forcing on the ENSO-Indian monsoon coupling

3 days ago

Coupling of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and Indian monsoon (IM) is...

Electrical control of single-photon emission in highly charged individual colloidal quantum dots

3 days ago

Electron transfer to an individual quantum dot promotes the formation of charged...

High-frequency magnetoacoustic resonance through strain-spin coupling in perpendicular magnetic multilayers

3 days ago

It is desirable to experimentally demonstrate an extremely high resonant frequency, assisted...

RELATe enables genome-scale engineering in fungal genomics

3 days ago

CRISPR-Cas9–based screening with single-guide RNA (sgRNA) libraries has emerged as a revolutionary...

Artificial cells drive neural differentiation

3 days ago

We report the construction of artificial cells that chemically communicate with mammalian...

Viral cGAMP nuclease reveals the essential role of DNA sensing in protection against acute lethal virus infection

3 days ago

Cells contain numerous immune sensors to detect virus infection. The cyclic GMP-AMP...