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Last updated about 18 hours ago

How Our Paths Brought Us to Data and Netflix

about 1 month ago

Part of our series on who works in Analytics at Netflix —...

Analytics at Netflix: Who we are and what we do

about 1 month ago

Analytics at Netflix: Who We Are and What We DoAn Introduction to...

Seamlessly Swapping the API backend of the Netflix Android app

about 1 month ago

How we migrated our Android endpoints out of a monolith into a...

HDMI — Scaling Netflix Certification

about 2 months ago

HDMI — Scaling Netflix CertificationScott Bolter, Matthew Lehman, Akshay Garg ¹At Netflix...

Edgar: Solving Mysteries Faster with Observability

about 2 months ago

Edgar helps Netflix teams troubleshoot distributed systems efficiently with the help of...

Key Challenges with Quasi Experiments at Netflix

about 2 months ago

Kamer Toker-Yildiz, Colin McFarland, Julia GlickAt Netflix, when we can’t run A/B...

Optimized shot-based encodes for 4K: Now streaming!

about 2 months ago

by Aditya Mavlankar, Liwei Guo, Anush Moorthy and Anne AaronNetflix has an...

Telltale: Netflix Application Monitoring Simplified

2 months ago

By Andrei U., Seth Katz, Janak Ramachandran, Jeff Butsch, Peter Lau, Ram...

Computational Causal Inference at Netflix

2 months ago

Jeffrey Wong, Colin McFarlandEvery Netflix data scientist, whether their background is from...

Improving our video encodes for legacy devices

2 months ago

by Mariana Afonso, Anush Moorthy, Liwei Guo, Lishan Zhu, Anne AaronNetflix has...

Unbundling Data Science Workflows with Metaflow and AWS Step Functions

3 months ago

by David Berg, Ravi Kiran Chirravuri, Romain Cledat, Jason Ge, Savin Goyal...