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Last updated 4 days ago

Goursat and Furstenberg-Weiss type lemmas

4 days ago

I’m collecting in this blog post a number of simple group-theoretic lemmas...

Is there a non-analytic function with all differences analytic?

7 days ago

I was asked the following interesting question from a bright high school...

Boosting the van der Corput inequality using the tensor power trick

2 months ago

In this previous blog post I noted the following easy application of...

The inclusion-exclusion principle for commuting projections

3 months ago

The (classical) Möbius function is the unique function that obeys the classical...

Job advertisement: Director of UCLA Endowed Olga Radko Math Circle (ORMC)

3 months ago

[I am posting this advertisement in my capacity as chair of the...

246B, Notes 4: The Riemann zeta function and the prime number theorem

3 months ago

One of the great classical triumphs of complex analysis was in providing...

A statement from mathematics department faculty at Stanford and MIT

3 months ago

[The following statement is signed by several mathematicians at Stanford and MIT...

246B, Notes 3: Elliptic functions and modular forms

3 months ago

On the real line, the quintessential examples of a periodic function are...

246B, Notes 2: Some connections with the Fourier transform

4 months ago

In Exercise 5 (and Lemma 1) of 246A Notes 4 we already...

The effective potential of an M-matrix

4 months ago

Marcel Filoche, Svitlana Mayboroda, and I have just uploaded to the arXiv...

246B, Notes 1: Zeroes, poles, and factorisation of meromorphic functions

5 months ago

— 1. Jensen’s formula — Suppose is a non-zero rational function ,...

Course announcement: 246B, complex analysis

5 months ago

Just a short announcement that next quarter I will be continuing the...