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Last updated 8 days ago

Dense sets of natural numbers with unusually large least common multiples

8 days ago

I’ve just uploaded to the arXiv my paper “Dense sets of natural...

A computation-outsourced discussion of zero density theorems for the Riemann zeta function

8 days ago

Many modern mathematical proofs are a combination of conceptual arguments and technical...

Salem prize now accepting nominations for 2024

14 days ago

The Salem prize was established in 1968 and named in honor of...

An abridged proof of Marton’s conjecture

23 days ago

[This post is dedicated to Luca Trevisan, who recently passed away due...

On product representations of squares

about 2 months ago

I’ve just uploaded to the arXiv my paper “On product representations of...

Erratum for “An inverse theorem for the Gowers U^{s+1}[N]-norm”

3 months ago

The purpose of this post is to report an erratum to the...

Notes on the B+B+t theorem

3 months ago

A recent paper of Kra, Moreira, Richter, and Robertson established the following...

Two announcements: AI for Math resources, and erdosproblems.com

3 months ago

This post contains two unrelated announcements. Firstly, I would like to promote...

Marton’s conjecture in abelian groups with bounded torsion

3 months ago

Tim Gowers, Ben Green, Freddie Manners, and I have just uploaded to...

AI Mathematical Olympiad – Progress Prize Competition now open

3 months ago

The first progress prize competition for the AI Mathematical Olympiad has now...

Talks at the JMM

4 months ago

Earlier this year, I gave a series of lectures at the Joint...

A generalized Cauchy-Schwarz inequality via the Gibbs variational formula

7 months ago

Let be a non-empty finite set. If is a random variable taking...