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Microglia promote maladaptive plasticity in autonomic circuitry after spinal cord injury in mice | Science Translational Medicine

1 day ago

In spinal cord–injured mice, microglia promote structural reorganization and synaptic plasticity of...

Peripheral expression of brain-penetrant progranulin rescues pathologies in mouse models of frontotemporal lobar degeneration | Science Translational Medicine

8 days ago

Peripheral AAV-mediated delivery of brain-penetrant PGRN rescues TDP-43 pathology, neurodegeneration, and motor...

High-throughput mass spectrometry maps the sepsis plasma proteome and differences in patient response | Science Translational Medicine

8 days ago

Affordable high-throughput proteomics using mass spectrometry delineates the sepsis plasma proteome and...

Comparative analysis of Bcl-2 family protein overexpression in CAR T cells alone and in combination with BH3 mimetics | Science Translational Medicine

8 days ago

Bcl-xL–overexpressing CAR T cells display increased expansion and persistence alone and in...

Replenishing IRAK-M expression in retinal pigment epithelium attenuates outer retinal degeneration | Science Translational Medicine

8 days ago

IRAK-M protects the retinal pigment epithelium and is a potential therapeutic target...

Erratum for the Research Article “Alpelisib administration reduced lymphatic malformations in a mouse model and in patients” by F. Delestre et al. | Science Translational Medicine

16 days ago

HomeScience Translational MedicineVol. 16, No. 749Erratum for the Research Article “Alpelisib administration...