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Last updated about 2 hours ago

GitLab Patch Release: 14.0.11

about 16 hours ago

Today we are releasing version 14.0.11 GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Edition...

How to configure Sidekiq for specialized or large-scale GitLab instances

about 16 hours ago

Configuring Sidekiq in your own deployment of GitLab is a little complicated...

Have DevOps jobs to fill? Try these 3 strategies to hire and retain

5 days ago

If every company is a software company, how do you stand out...

How to incorporate private customer needs into a public product roadmap

5 days ago

Effectively communicating a customer’s private needs to product teams is essential to...

GitLab 14.3 releases Project Security Policies & Next Gen SAST

6 days ago

Today, we are excited to announce the release of GitLab 14.3 with...

GitLab Patch Release: 13.12.12

6 days ago

Today we are releasing version 13.12.12 for GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise...

GitLab's realtime Preview Markdown is an editor for everyone

7 days ago

Fostering better, more meaningful collaboration is an integral part of DevOps and...

It's time to build more accessible software. A DevOps platform can help

7 days ago

The earlier a feature or process is introduced in the multi-step software...

GitLab Patch Release: 14.2.4

11 days ago

Today we are releasing version 14.2.4 for GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise...

How QPage achieved automatic deployment and efficiency using the GitLab DevOps Platform

13 days ago

Deployment automation is essential for any company involved in software development to...

How to use Terratag to automatically manage tags and labels for your Terraform Code

14 days ago

When using infrastructure as code (IaC) on a public cloud provider, it's...

How Weet integrates localization into the GitLab pipeline with Lokalise

15 days ago

As a GitLab customer, Weet has fully invested in the premise of...