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Last updated 2 days ago

Cecilia Chiang, Who Revolutionized American Chinese Food, Dies At 100

2 days ago

In 1961, Chiang opened San Francisco's The Mandarin, a high-end Chinese restaurant...

Food Banks Get The Love, But SNAP Does More To Fight Hunger

5 months ago

The charitable organizations called food banks are getting a lot of attention...

Food Shortages? Nope, Too Much Food In The Wrong Places

7 months ago

Some Americans, fearing food shortages from COVID-19, have cleaned out supermarket shelves...

'Essential' Status Means Jobs For Farmworkers, But Greater Virus Risk

7 months ago

Farmworkers are still working during the coronavirus epidemic. They're essential. But they're...

Judge Blocks Rule That Would Have Kicked 700,000 People Off SNAP

8 months ago

The rule, which was to take effect April 1, would have tightened...

Why Taller Grass Can Be Bad News For Grasshoppers

8 months ago

Grass on the prairie is growing taller because there's now more carbon...

An Airbnb For Farmland Hits A Snag, As Farmers Raise Data Privacy Concerns

8 months ago

The Internet startup Tillable wants to match farmers with farmland available for...

As Warm Winters Mess With Nut Trees' Sex Lives, Farmers Help Them 'Netflix And Chill'

9 months ago

Many fruit and nut trees need cold weather to bloom, which is...

Dates Like Jesus Ate? Scientists Revive Ancient Trees From 2,000-Year-Old Seeds

9 months ago

Researchers in Israel have grown date palm trees from ancient seeds found...

Pesticide Police, Overwhelmed By Dicamba Complaints, Ask EPA For Help

9 months ago

Across the Midwest, millions of acres of farmland have been damaged by...

The Modern Mocktail: Three Distinctive Nonalcoholic Drink Recipes

9 months ago

How to make three nonalcoholic cocktails that will have your guests asking...

Ready For Meat Grown From Animal Cells? A Startup Plans A Pilot Plant

9 months ago

Memphis Meats, a start-up company that has just raised $161 million, says...