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Last updated 3 days ago

Bzzzzzzt! How safe is that keenly priced digital doorbell?

3 days ago

How on earth are you supposed to figure out whether that home...

S3 Ep8: A conversation with Katie Moussouris

5 days ago

Here's the latest Naked Security Podcast - listen now!

Gift card hack exposed – you pay, they play

5 days ago

These crooks hacked into a network hoping to get everyone in the...

Naked Security Live – Beat the Threat!

7 days ago

Here's the latest Naked Security Live video - how to beat the...

Facebook patches Messenger audio snooping bug – update now!

10 days ago

Do you ever make, ahem, "pointed remarks" just before answering calls from...

S3 Ep7: When ransomware crooks get a big fat zero! [Podcast]

11 days ago

Here's the latest podcast - listen now!

Sophos 2021 Threat Report: Navigating cybersecurity in an uncertain world

12 days ago

Here's the latest Sophos Threat Report - learn what cybercriminals are up...

Cult videogame company Capcom pays a big round $0.00 to ransomware crooks

13 days ago

Bad news: data stolen, data dumped, customers affected. Good news: crooks got...

Naked Security Live – Don’t get hoaxed (pass it on)!

13 days ago

Here's the latest Naked Security Live video - enjoy (and please share...

How to do cybersecurity – join us online for the Sophos Evolve event!

14 days ago

Join us this week or next week for a free online event...

S3 Ep6: How not to get scammed [Podcast]

18 days ago

New episode - listen now!

“Instant bank fraud” hoax is back – don’t spread fake news!

18 days ago

Yesterday, we wrote about an SMS phishing scam that targeted mobile phone...